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Attention-grabbing adver

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The second shampoo/hair styling advert I shall analyse and compare with the herbal essences advert is citre shine. Once again I think this advert is aimed at women in their early 20s and mid forties due to the age of the model. I think the type of woman this advert is trying to attract is a stylish, modern, confident woman or women who wish to be like this. This advert would also be found in a glamour or cosmopolitan magazine.

This advert is very eye-catching due to the bright yellow colour of the background. The whole background of the advert is in two different shades of the one colour. The darker image of the model is placed on the lighter shade of yellow so that she stands out more and the model herself is wearing a very light coloured top so that her hair stands out more. The main model image once again takes up lot of the advert and the eye contact establishes a link between her and the reader which draws the attention of the reader to the rest of the advert. The model has very shiny hair which links in to the name of the product "citre-shine" .the product name also begins with a "c" which has a very specific catchy sound. There is a selection of various bottles of different products manufactured by the company therefore giving it as much recognition as it can.

The main slogan "nothing shines like citre-shine" is placed in the top-third attracting the buyer towards it. It immediately catches your eye as it is in white against a black background. The name is repeated many times in this advert which makes it more memorable. The phrase also suggests that it's a unique product and no other hair product can match its brilliance. At the very bottom right hand corner, the text says "available exclusively at most boots stores" this text is placed here intentionally as it's the last thing the buyer will read and so she would know where to purchase it from. The word "exclusively" makes the buyer thinks that it's limited and will automatically want to test and use this product to see how good it actually is.

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The main piece of text reads "infused with citrus extracts, vitamins and minerals. Each citre shine product is designed to provide shiny healthier looking hair". Once again the natural theme comes in to play which makes it very appealing to women in their twenties to forties. This phrase also means that as well as making your hair shiny, it will be healthy and healthy looking which appeals to many women. The words "designed to" suggest that the product was made specifically to make your hair shiny and healthy. This would provide the product with a sales advantage as women would rather have a unique product actually made for making your hair shine rather then an ordinary product which would just be used to clean your hair.

There is one major difference in this advert .there is a small image of a man in the top right hand corner. There is also a link with his eyes and the buyer which again draws the buyer towards the rest of the advert. the fact that the model in the top right is a man suggests that after using this product, you will be the envy of all women as men will be queuing up just to look at your beautiful hair and this is what most women at this age want . finally, I think that the most persuasive and successful advert is the herbal essences advert, as the colours make it more appealing to the eye and the type of model, text and layout definitely make it an attention-grabbing advert.

Attention-grabbing adver essay

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