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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder of Alphorns

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He seems to spend most of his time wondering around the classroom, and he has difficulty sitting down during circle time. Alphorns also seems genuinely sorry when he doesn't follow the rules; however, he repeats the behavior again Just as if he never apologized or has not remembered doing something bad or misbehaving before. Alphorns has all of the appropriate age skills, as a matter of fact, his fine and gross motor skills are better than most children in his class. After Ms. Cross with Mrs.. Young permission had asked a school psychologist to observe

Alphorns and Interview his mom, school psychologist have come to find out that Alphorns can also be a difficult child at home, and he quickly losses interest In playing with his toys. He doesn't play well with his other siblings, and he often gets mad at his baby sister when she cries. However, when Alphorns settles down his Is a very loving boy, he loves stuffed animals and he snuggles with his bear toy at night. However, Allophones aunt doesn't invite him to her house anymore because she says that he gets so excited that he just runs through their home, jumps on the furniture, and scripts everything.

The main issue, in this case, is being able to recognize that Alphorns need to be tested to see if he does have an ADD to find ways to help him deal with is learning and social disability and to make him more successful with other children and adults academically and socially. The character feels that Alphorns is a "wild child" and they have very little control most of the time over his actions and they may be quite unpredictable. When Alphorns sees an opportunity for disruption, he ultimately takes control In acting out on his learning disability, which Is what rigged his actions.

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He has difficulty concentrating and paying attention to various tasks and cannot stay on task for a long period of time. Also according to Ms. Cross's observation, Alphorns does not stick with any activity for more than a minute or two. At the end of the observation of Alphorns, the school psychologist agrees with Ms. Cross and Mrs. Young that Alphorns is a challenging child who maybe ADD. The only solution that is being proposed is that something needs to be done soon to assist Alphorns in learning how to interact with children and adapt successfully to the classroom experience.

It is a shame that there was no definite plan proposed from the school psychologist when after she observed Alphorns. It would be nice to see a plan that would help the teacher and propose following accommodation sand modifications to help Alphorns succeed the classroom. It would be nice If Alphorns sat away from doors and windows, and also alternated seated activities with those that allow the child to move his body around the room. Therefore, whenever possible, a teacher should be able to incorporate physical movement into lessons as well as to areas.

Perhaps developing strategies for combating hyperactivity consist of creative ways to allow Alphorns to move in appropriate ways at appropriate times releasing energy to help him keep his body calmer during work time. Also, it would be important to be Try extremely brief when giving directions, allowing Alphorns to do one step and then come back to find out what he should do next. In this case, the disadvantage could be continuing on this work at home. His parents seem to be very busy and also have other children.

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