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Are Gym Memberships Worth the Money?

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There is a number of people spending money for their memberships but not actually using it appropriately. There is several possible reasons for not going to gym regularly. Firstly, they may not be familiar with equipment and do not how to use them properly leading to the boredom and not going to gym often. Secondly, the distance between their home or workplace and the gym is not close. However, those reasons are only assumptions so further survey about the reasons or obstacles making them going to the gym rarely.

Almost two third of total number of gym goers tend to practice alone, the amount of equipment in the gym needs to be considered be enough for them to use in the most crowded time. The most crowded time can be determined with the question seventh but it needs more time and participants to provide accurate results. Thus, in order to increase the membership as well as allowing them to have enough equipment to practice, the total number of membership going to gym at the most crowded time and the targeted number that gym manager wants need to be considered. Furthermore, expanding more spaces may be a good solution to attract people who prefer to work out in group too.

In order to meet the satisfaction of more customers, the improvement in quality and quantity or the reduction in membership price needs to be assessed. Furthermore, if the quality and quantity of Snap is improved relatively, it can attract more customers who are willing to pay more money for better quality as well.

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Snap can actually do more research about healthy eating including which minerals, vitamins, food and supplements are beneficial for gym goers depending on their purposes. With this new sessions, Snap can draw more attention of gym goers and sometimes receive free advertisement from gym members like introducing these new sessions for their friends.

There is a need to research more about the reasons why people do not attend any sessions. This case is properly related to the question eighth of how easy to obtain Snap information, these Snap members may face difficulties in getting information about Snap sessions resulting in the lack of attending these sessions. Nonetheless, further research about why it occurs is needed in order to raise the number of participants in Snap sessions.

There is a major group of people feeling slightly unsatisfied with Snap sessions. It may be not good if it continues being happened, so detailed survey about what sessions and why people feel unsatisfied.

Even though there are more than half of total number of gym goers being satisfied with overall experience in Snap, around a third have below-average experience in Snap. Therefore, there is a need to express this issue by implementing a more detailed survey about what types of experience they feel bad or good at Snap such as unfriendly customer services, poor quality equipment, public hygiene or gym etiquette.

As the topic of other genders except male and female is becoming more acceptable in the world, Snap can also try to use more advertisement focusing on these people to attract more similar people besides male and female gym goers.

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on Are Gym Memberships Worth the Money?

Is a gym membership really a big waste of money?

Unless you are a dedicated enthusiast, who must have access to specific equipment, a gym membership is usually a waste of money. There are cheaper and more enjoyable alternatives to getting exercise. Alternatives to the Gym Save the money you would have spent on the gym and try exercising for free outdoors.

How much should you spend on a gym membership?

Generally, most of these fees are pretty fair. If the average gym-goer were to use a gym 7 times a week, every week, without fail, $696 per year would work out to a measly ~$1.90 per visit. Even at 4 times per week, you'd be looking at $3.36 per visit.

How much does a gym membership actually cost?

Aside from the monthly dues, a one-time initiation fee may apply at most gyms. Depending on the promotional period and gym, this can be as little as nothing to as much as $200. According to this FatWallet thread, the average gym membership cost can range anywhere from $17 to $60 .

What is a good average price for a gym membership?

Depending on the promotional period and gym, this can be as little as nothing to as much as $200. According to this FatWallet thread, the average gym membership cost can range anywhere from $17 to $60. For example, a user in Pennsylvania paid $35 for a monthly membership, while a user in New York paid $50 as a monthly fee.

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