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Anti Violence Essay

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Anti violence essay Seven years ago I did not think violence existed in America. The most violent act ever committed was the tragedy of the World Trade Center in 9/11/01. The Trade Centers had been the target for something so horrible, and I thought at the time, ‘This will change the world. ” I was right about that fact: our airports are more secure, we have to have pass-ports anywhere you go now, you have more thorough bagage checks, and they’re more selective as to what’s in your purse before boarding a plane.

I think the most secure place in America right now is our power plants. They have increased security at all our power plants, including the nuclear plants, and also there is air space around each plant so planes have to keep their distance from them. Homeland Security is a common word in our homes today because of 9/11. I wanted to know how. Wanted to know why. Wanted to know what our leaders reactions would be. The world trade center killed many people that my friends knew and loved; that can never be replaced. This act changed the way my friends lived, loved, and acted in school.

This spine-chilling nightmare was committed because terrorists took over three planes that flew into the giant buildings. The causes of this violence is the hatred between countries, states, or nations. The hatred is then passed down to the youth generation, because we hear, and see the dislike between the grown-ups. Children learn from the wisdom and actions of what the elders do. Shooting, stabbing, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and gang fights are a few examples of youth violence. All of these exist in schools, neighborhoods, malls, the movies and even in your own home on the internet.

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Anti Violence Essay

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Schools have tried to stop it but there is still a lot of verbal abuse anywhere in the school system you go. Youth violence can be stopped by reporting abuse, shooting, stabbings, and anything to do with gangs. It can also be solved by not being the one that does bulling or any of the things listed above. I think it is funny how teachers wonder about why no one reports violence in America. My say on the matter is the kids are scared it will only get worse if we tell a teacher or principal or any adult because they use our name and our grade to the bully or person that Bothers you.

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