Decision Making and Correct Answer

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Caleb is late to his first meeting because his car broke down, and Caleb's boss concludes that Caleb is not punctual when he first walks in.

It is important for managers to balance managerial authority and team member autonomy.

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  • Which Of the following is true about a typical team?

Mangers have the latitude to make some decisions without consulting the

  • The major conclusion from the Cash studies was: Groups have a significant influence over individual members

Katherine project team is extremely cohesive; it has become a norm to cooperate and agree with one another.

Although Katherine disagrees with mom of the influential members in the group who have decided that they do not need to conduct interviews as part of their data collection, she doesn't question their decision. As a result, the group falls prey to:  Grouping

Peter is working for a publishing company that works mainly on children's books. His team is working on a storyboard for a new book. One member suggests that it would be a good idea to introduce a children's book on sexual education for the second grade level.

Before Peter can say anything, one member excitedly starts to draft a story while two others offer to work on harasser development, and a final member begins work on the cover art. This scenario is an example of:

  1. Group popularization
  2. Shared information bias
  3. Confirmation bias
  4. Escalation of commitment

Fear of being challenged for speaking up will most likely lead to:

  1. Group popularization
  2. Overconfidence
  3. Shared information bias

Zoe is leading a sales team for a jewelry company. The group has attempted to open more stores in shopping malls, but what little stores they have opened have not been very profitable.

Zoe decides to request a larger budget to pursue more space in shopping malls. Zoe is demonstrating: Escalation of commitment

After taking this class, you know that the most effective leaders: Discourage deviant opinions encourage deviant opinions

  • When did we learn about deviants this semester?

The orientation phase of group decision making begins with:

  1. Brainstorming as many solutions to the problem as possible
  2. Critically evaluating and reflecting upon decisions
  3. Clearly defining the problem
  4. Eating to know your team members
  • Carl Jung defines introverts as people whose personalities lend them to spending more time alone or with small groups. False
  • Systems thinking encourages group members to resist reductionism views of problem solving in order to avoid short-sighted solutions and unintended consequences.
  • The Decision Rule phase is often when roles and tasks are assigned.
  • Diffuse status characteristics have little to do with the task at hand and so hey are generally ignored when judging or perceiving group members.
  • What is Fundamental Attribution Error? What are three common mistakes (aka cognitive distortions) made when receiving and responding to messages, as identified by Beck (1995), that are associated with Fundamental Attribution Error? (Note that these are different than Grouping, overconfidence, etc. ). For one of the three, give an example. Correct Answer: Varies
  • Describe the Functional Model of Decision Making.
  • Pick two of the steps in the decision making process and describe how leaving them out might negatively affect a decision.
  • Give a personal or historical example of a decision making process gone wrong. Use your knowledge of either the Functional Model of Decision Making or the Ladder of Inference, as well as your knowledge of common decision making problems.
  • While growing up there are many external factors that influence the creative potential of an individual. During the adolescent and young years there is one specific factor that plays a key role in nurturing the development of creativity.
  • How could the difference between a field and domain be most aptly described? A domain is a realm of expertise while a field is a group of people who define excellence for that realm
  • Which social influence has the most impact on an individual's creativity ring adolescence and young adulthood? D. Mentors
  • Generally speaking, what is the most significant social influence on the development of creativity? a. Parents
  • Which of the following social influences is best known for having both a positive and negative influence on creative development? a. Education
  • Which of the following statements is true concerning creative influence? d. Mentor figures are especially important in adolescence and young adulthood, but colleagues are the primary influences in adulthood.
  • Organizational creativity under the conditions that: a. Creative ideas should be supported, but also critiqued and evaluated

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