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An Unforgettable Memories Event: Watching a Concert

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An Unforgettable Memories Event:Watching a concert

My unforgettable memories event was watching my favorite singer group:Super Junior’s concert. For me,a 16 years-old student at that time,it was so excited and unimageble to me to see my favorite idols with my own eyes. I even couldn’t sleep easily at the night before. On that day,I was bubbling with excitement and went straight to the venue--Taipei Arena. When I first arrive at the venue,I was astonished because of a great of crowd of people there. It was really a surprise to me that so many people were also their fans like me and most of them were at the same age like me.

When we got in and sit our own seat,the lights were turned off and the staff anouced that the show was about to begin. And all the fans there lit on their Sapphire Blue light stick,which is Super Juior’s symbolic color, and the venue was filled with this color,like a pure blue ocean under the moomlight. When singers started to sing,fans sing with them and shout the slogan between the lycris loudly and with one accord. It made me feel their vigor and spirit. Most importantly,when I finally saw the singers with my own eyes,my heart almost leaps out with excitement!

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I saw the people who were always on the youtube or TV,now they are stand in front of you vividly! It couldn’t describe how excited I was then on the paper,but it still stay in my mind with high-definition till now. Many people think that go to a concert for idols is stupid and it’s making track for the star,but it was still a special mempry for me. And it noticed me that if you like a singer or a group,you should go to one of their concert to feel how their live show bring you and you will never get disappointed. It will be an unforgettable memoris ever in your life!

An Unforgettable Memories Event: Watching a Concert essay

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How would you describe an unforgettable event?
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What is the description of a concert event?
A concert event is a live performance of music by one or more musicians or singers. It typically takes place in a venue such as a concert hall, arena, or stadium, and is attended by an audience. Concerts can range from small, intimate gatherings to large, extravagant events.
How do you write a concert in a story?
To write a concert in a story, you should focus on the atmosphere of the event, the emotions of the characters, and the details of the performance. Describe the sights, sounds, and smells of the concert, and how the characters interact with the music and each other. Make sure to include the details of the performance, such as the songs played, the instruments used, and the energy of the crowd.

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