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Alcohol in the body

Essay Topic:

After the ingestion of the alcohol by the man, it passes from the stomach then to the intestines and into the blood stream in a process called absorption. This alcohol is then broken down by body chemicals called enzymes. In this case alcohol is converted to acetaldehyde after a mediation of an enzyme called Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH).

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ADH is believed to cause non-dehydration symptoms of hangover, like nausea. This process occurs in the liver. Under the influence of other enzymes acetaldehyde is quickly converted to acetate which is eventually reduced to water and carbon dioxide.

An enzyme called cytochrome in the liver metabolizes the liver. This enzyme is increased in the event of continuous heavy drinking by the person in question. Although large percentage of alcohol consumed is metabolized in the liver, some small portions of unmetabolized alcohol will still find their way in urine of the individual. It is also likely to find some portions in breath. 30 to 45 minutes of after will see the man’s blood alcohol level rise.

Despite the amount of alcohol consumed by the individual, the liver will only be able to metabolize a specified amount of alcohol per hour. This rate of alcohol metabolism depends on the amount of metabolizing enzymes in the liver of the guy. This amount of enzymes varies from one individual to another. It appears to have some genetic determinants. Alcohol is absorbed more slowly than it is consumed. Consequently, the consumption needs to be checked to reduce the risk of it accumulating in the body due to its slow metabolism. Alcohol can even intoxicate the body.