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Advertisement Analysis Essay

Michael Jordan leaps through the air in his Nike Air Jordan shoes to score a slam dunk in the basket on the backboard held by thousands of Chinese fans cheering him on and reaching for his shoes. This is the image of the advertisement that is for the promotion of Air Jordan basketball sneakers, aiming to sell shoes in Chinese market. In the advertisement, there is a stamp on the top right corner showing that Air Jordan sneakers are made in China; it also has eight stars in the stamp. This symbol is showing that Air Jordan shoes have high value in the Chinese market. This advertisement can attract a lot of customers, because its design is cross-cultural; the brand influence, slogan, and cultural aspects are the main selling points. A strong point of the advertisement is the reputation of the Air Jordan shoes brand, which comes from the well known name of Nike and Michael Jordan and the making of the Nike's Air Jordan basketball shoes brand. In 1984, Nike company had a hard time with how to get into the basketball shoes market. In 1985, Michael Jordan won the best rookie award of the NBA. Then, Nike found this as an opportunity to market these those through Michael Jordan.

Thus, Nike and Michael Jordan together created the Air Jordan brand. The Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore. The Air Jordan 1 was first released in 1985. This advertisement is representing the enthusiasm of Chinese love for the Air Jordan shoes. There are thousands of crazy fans trying to chase, catch, and touch Michael Jordan and his shoes. Chinese basketball fans are inconceivable. The crowd climbs onto each other’s shoulder, and push each other around. They are so crazy about Michael Jordan and his shoes. I remembered when I was in high school some of my high schoolmates loved Jordan sneakers. However, they did not have enough money to buy a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes. For them, the Air Jordan basketball shoes were the biggest dream at that time. They must have gone to the store everyday just to look at the shoes. They wanted that pair of shoes so badly! Thus they made a plan to buy the shoes. They saved their lunch money and went to a restaurant be waiters to make money for the shoes. They did whatever it took to get the shoes. My friends extreme want to have the Air Jordan shoes. This is a perfect example of the Chinese fans’ incomprehensible love of the Air Jordan sneakers. Another element of the advertisement is a slogan saying, “M.J. has always been copied, but never been surpassed.”

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The slogan means that Michael Jordan is the greatest player ever in the NBA, therefore, people concluded that his shoes are the best basketball shoes in the world. A lot of young basketball fans in China want to have a pair of Air Jordan sneakers. These young fans want to be like Michael Jordan. They believe Air Jordan shoes can protect their ankles, feet, and knees. They know Michael Jordan had a very health and successful career. What is more important, Chinese fans trust Air Jordan shoes can help them improve their basketball technique skills. This advertisement uses M J’s influence on the Chinese fans to catch consumers eye’s. The Chinese people’s love of the Air Jordan brand is indescribable. Why Chinese love Air Jordan shoes so much? Because this brand is symbolizing Michael Jordan. In the NBA, he was not the tallest and strongest play in the league, but no one WAY more diligent than him. He said there was no such thing as genius, but it is nothing but labor and diligence. You have to work really hard every single day, and nothing can beat hark work. Through the advertisement, people can see Michael Jordan flying and fighting for a slam dunk. The fighting spirit and sporting spirit are other selling points to the Chinese youth in the advertisement.

The last main focal point In the advertisement, are the cross-cultural elements. The advertisement uses the windy city for the background. It uses Michael Jordan and Chinese fans for the foreground to show that the Air Jordan is not only an American brand but also a cross-culture brand. The Air Jordan brand is also popular in Chinese market. In the advertisement’s foreground Jordan wears red and black uniform, and huge Chinese fans are wear white and black clothes. Which is a symbol of Chicago. Where MJ played his career. In the background of the advertisement we can see the tall buildings and dark clouds. in the top corner of the advertisement, it has a stamp saying “MADE IN CHINA” .Inside, the stamp has eight stars above these words. These features in the advertisement well embody the cross-cultural design of the advertisement. The background foreground and stamp will make the advertisement even more attractive. Chinese people must like and love that the product is made in China. These details in the design of the advertisement is evidence that the advertisement is cross-cultural. In conclusion, the advertisement is very attractive.

It uses brand influence, slogan, and cross-cultural elements to show the audience that the product is first-rate, excellent, and great. This advertisement illustrates how fond the Chinese are of Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan shoes. It illustrates the enthusiasm and love that they all have for him and his basketball career. The fact that Air Jordan shoes were made in China, makes it even better. It shows one how amazing China actually is. From the blurred background to the eight star rating, I have come to the conclusion that Air Jordan by Michael Jordan is a very well known and popular cross culture brand not only in America, but also China, very successful in their advertisement technique.

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