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According to Cormack

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As reflected in his painting `Hay Wain`, Constable had naturalist concerns  as compared to the more romanticist elements of Turners work, as exemplified in his painting The Slave Ship. Constable made all the efforts towards rebellion against the cultures of the artists in the application of imagination for the purpose of representation of their art in favor of nature.

He stresses the need to forget having seen any picture in the process of making a sketch. His studies are based on the spot of action in contrast to following any formula. According to Cormack, "The world is wide", no two days are similar, nor even two hours; neither were there ever two leaves of a tree alike since the creation of all the world; and the genuine productions of art, like those of nature, are all distinct from each other." (Cormack, 2006).

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 In comparison to the work of Turner, he had a less extensive range as well as aspirations. The most suitable definition of Constable is a ‘naturalist’ which through his correspondence, he has successfully as so. However, the stylistic variety of Constable is marred with instability with regard to the perception of the constituent of nature. Further the sites intimately known to him have been the focus of his paintings.

There is no strict uniqueness of the indisputable approach of Constable in as far as the concern of the local scenery is concerned. This is evidenced by the participation of the contemporary artist of the Norwich as well as the conformation to the work of Thomas Christopher, who is an artist of 1777-1843 (Fleming-Williams, 2006). The common practice is the application of oil to sketch from nature.

Turner has made his contribution to in the establishment of a landscape to represent a historical painting although he widely disputes the idea. The single mindedness of Constable is responsible for the portrayal of site of limited range in a unique way producing unprecedented oil sketching of a brilliance capacity (Fraser, 2006).

On the other hand, Turner has a subjective reflection that surpasses far beyond the romantic contemporaries that he possesses with the capacity to foreshadow an image in dissolution in a painting of the 20th century. According to Bailey, the best description of the work of Turner is “airy vision painted with tinted steam" (Bailey, 2007).

As has been visualized in the Slave Ship in an instance that a description is offered of the sharks following the slave ship in reaction to a storm. The sharks react to the scent crowds that steam due to rank diseases as well as death.

There is also an existence of a realistic event involving a slave ship captain dumping human cargo in the sea as result of a disease outbreak below decks. The work of Turner has a clear demonstration of romanticism elements through the employment of disjoint diagonals. The consequence is composition fragmentation (Kelder, 2000).

Turner, the terrific creator had the potential for the application of unique invention for the purpose of liberating color from line definition for the purpose of the expression of the natural forces for the purpose of its unity to the stirring response of the artists.

This leads to uniting emotions reality to the color reality. Used as an abstract media, the work of Turner was associated with unpredictable effects. This is seen in the nature of ultimate painting element evident in his innovations due to the emotive as well as aesthetic strength of his application of pure color (Leslie, 2005).

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