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Abuse Of Power And A Desire To Intimidate Education Essay

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`` Bullying is a signifier of aggressive behavior which is normally hurtful and deliberate '' and involves `` an maltreatment of power and a desire to intimidate and rule '' ( Undertaking: 1 ) . However there are many variables that can protect and assist kids survive experiences of intimidation.

Children possess many single features which protect and guarantee endurance of strong-arming. A kid should hold a deep consciousness of self-concept `` the set of properties, abilities, attitudes and values that an single believes defines who he or she is '' ( pg446 ) , as this allows for grasp of their alone individualism, assurance in their abilities and moral values and reject bullying or isolation for non corroborating with stereotypes or peer force per unit area. They will gain their possible as persons. An of import property of self-concept is Self-esteem, `` the opinions we make about our ain worth and feelings associated with those opinions '' . Victims of strong-arming normally `` are diffident or have a weak character '' ( Elliot 59 ) therefore a high degree of self-esteem came protect and aid kids survive intimidation and experiences of isolation or bullying as it develops an `` attitude of self-acceptance and self-respect '' ( pg449 )

Autonomy Fosters high self-esteem as the kid has a `` sense of one 's ain individuality and an ability to move independently and to exercise some control over one 's environment, including internal venue of control, and self-efficacy '' ( web site ) . Therefore the kid will believe in their individualism and self-respect. As Bernard notes if a kid develops a sense of resiliency and opposition `` declining to accept negative messages about oneself '' and of withdrawal `` distancing oneself from disfunction '' , the kid will last Acts of the Apostless of intimidation as the kid will recognize that these actions are morally incorrect and discrimative. ( Website ) . In order for the kid to last intimidation and protect themselves they should react `` assertively to a state of affairs, make `` self-asserting statements '' and defy use and menaces ''

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Bandura states that a kid 's personality features and societal behaviors are reinforced by behaviors environing them, hence an environment where intimidation is non tolerated by grownups must be established as `` Victims demand to be reassured that they are non entirely and that it could go on to anyone '' ( Elliot Bullying: 58 ) .

Relationships within the household contribute significantly. Parents are universally of import and provide emotional support for their kids to last experiences of isolation, important in protecting kids from effects of intimidation. A strong degree of fond regard would be critical in protecting kids as fond regard behaviors are `` evoked when the person has need of attention or support or comfort `` back up a kid would necessitate if victimised. Parents who adapt an important child-rearing manner will assist protect their kids as it incorporates `` high credence and engagement, adaptative control techniques and appropriate liberty allowing '' ( pg564 ) which would further autonomy and individuality in the kid ( Barber & A ; Olsen 1997, Gray & A ; Steinburg 1999, Hart, Newell & A ; Olsen 2002 ) .Ref: This child-rearing manner allows for the development of strong communicating, it encourages the kid to show her ideas feelings and desires hence non to be intimidated by a bully if non conforming with stereotypes. Victims of strong-arming with this secure fond regard and environing environment would experience comfy to inform their parents and seek support if bullied. This type of child-rearing manner has fostered competency such as `` high degrees of self-pride, societal and moral adulthood and favorable school public presentation '' ( Amato & A ; Fowler,2002, Anuola, Stattin & A ; Nurmi, 2000, Herman et al, 1997, luster & A ; McAdoo 1996 ; Mackey, Arnold & A ; Pratt, 2001 ; Steinberg, Darling & A ; Fletcher 1995 pg564 ) . A kid who has dignity and self- worth will last and protect themselves from strong-arming as they will non yield to intimadation but gain and esteem their individuality. It can take the kid to a mature underatnding their alone features are valued in community and should non be a factor in their isolation. Besides relationships with siblings can be seen as an country for emotional support. Older siblings frequently `` aided younger siblings with academic and equal challenges '' ( pg576 ) and may help development of resiliency to effects of intimidation.

Teachers can work collaboratively with parents as `` There are many advantages in parents and instructors working in partnership '' ( Besag, 1989, 1992, 1999, Randall, 1996: Bullying Michael Elliot ) . Relationships in school in peculiar instructor patterns can protect kids from experiences of intimidation. The personality and values that a instructor brings to the schoolroom can act upon the degree of protection available to kids from. The instructor should make a positive acquisition environment where intimidation is frowned upon but friendly relationship and value of persons are to the bow. A stating ambiance should be established where the kids feel confident to seek support or study strong-arming behavior. Merely as the issues outlined in `` Guidelines on Countering Bullying Behaviour in Primary and Post Primary Schools '' ( 1993 ) the instructors must be argus-eyed for strong-arming behavior, maintain clear records of incidents, and be alert of any academic or physical marks of intimidation.

The instructor `` through course of study work on intimidation, can raise awareness amongst students about strong-arming behavior and they can dispute attitudes about strong-arming behavior, addition apprehension for bullied students and assist construct an anti-bullying ethos in the school '' . ( undertaking bulling LAN ) . Drama is a powerful convention that can be used to research intimidation and for kids to discourse their feelings and understanding about intimidation. However the instructor must be careful non to promote free function drama of intimidation, but use play to raise consciousness of strong-arming through a fictional lens. Teacher can besides utilize literacy to research intimidation as there are many novels that deal with intimidation in a sensitive mode such as `` The Diddakoi '' by Rumer Godden. ( undertaking strong-arming local area network ) .

The instructor can advance high ego esteem through topics such as SPHE by prosecuting the kids in games depicting themselves to their equals, raising their self-respect and assurance. It must be noted that positive relationships with friends in school can assist protect kids from strong-arming as they excessively provide a secure base supplying comfort and support to get the better of bullying and isolation. Besides a individual they can confide in or look to for support in stating a parent or instructor.

Teachers `` have small opportunity of successfully assisting victims unless a school has a clear, well-developed, anti-bullying scheme '' ( Elliot:58 ) The school must develop an appropriate anti-bullying ethos and policy `` which establishes a clear set of agreed purposes which provide students, staff and parents with a sense of way and an apprehension of the committedness of the school to cover with strong-arming behavior which provides a `` model for intercession and bar '' ( undertaking LAN ) .The policy gives staff an apprehension and to be `` consistent in their attack to strong-arm behavior and to advance anti-bullying values within the school. `` ( Tacking LAN ) . Culture affects the construct of intimidation, in this manner a policy associating to strong-arming must see the societal economic and spiritual values of a society. Different civilizations reflect different values which influence the policy as a school with values is cognizant of the importance of incorporating with the community ( DEB omoore ) . Besides the cultural group that a kid is from influences their protection and endurance as different cultural groups use assorted raising manners which result in different features in the kid. Different cultural groupings in societies reflect different attitudes ethical motives and in bend usage different raising manners hence kids. The community should work in partnership with the school. Parents ' councils could be established in the school where the community involved in `` outlining new or revised school policy/codes '' and besides these councils should `` guarantee that their local communities are bully-free '' to guarantee a comprehensive attack to strong-arming in all facets of the kid 's life: at place, in school and in the community.

It is apparent that through a comprehensive inclusive attack to strong-arming those kids can be protected and survive experiences of intimidation.

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