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Ability to Plan For Sustainable Development and Solve Any Design Problems

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I’m writing to endorse Ms. Ankita Rani for admission in your taught master’s program in Urban Planning/Design based on her extraordinary performance in academics. In her academic program, she consistently maintained her position among top ranked in the class. I have known her for four years as a thesis guide and mentor, and she remains one of my best students for her excellence in academics and consistency throughout her undergraduate Ankita is a perceptive, logical, and intuitive individual with a high aptitude toward sustainability planning, and solving any design problem. She has immense working efficiency and competitive knowledge and skills. In the third year, I guided her through the Architectural Design studio and I could spot the traits of strong prerequisite research skills in her.

She enthusiastically diagnoses the problem and, subsequently, solves it in a greater depth within her full capabilities. So, I opine with great certainty, that to unfold any practical problem she can progress to an extent of studying another major. Besides that, Ankita possesses remarkable writing skills and influential communications skills too, an excerpt of which she demonstrated in discussions related to her studio exercises and dissertations over Indian Architecture. Recently, one of her eloquent writings was considered in the ‘National Symposium: Confluence 18- Architecture and Healthcare magazine. Such qualities add to my confidence in her surviving excellently in the academic settings of the master’s program.

In my experience, Ankita believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good. Her embedded desire to create an environment in bringing humankind to their full potential (through a stress-free environment) was quite evident in her final year thesis project- ‘Neuro-Psychiatry Hospital with rehabilitation facilities for Dementia’, which I evaluated and help her improvise on many stages. She immensely researched psychological issues, its growing trends, ways to curb and create a better environment through successfully integrating architecture and landscape. Her performance rewarded her with honors in Architecture degree. Along with academics, Ankita has shown notable preparedness and skill in handling competitions too, some of which include, ‘The south Asian Student Design Competition’ and the ‘University of Westminster Competition’, which brought immense pride to our institution in the form of awards

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Ankita has my highest recommendation for admission in the Master’s Program at your esteemed institution. She has shown her excellence in every field she puts her mind to, whether it’s Sustainability, Urban design/planning, or Vernacular Architecture. Her endless curiosity in learning and integrating various majors have made her an all-rounder student. I believe there will be no limit to her growth and achievements in any major she chooses to pursue for Master’s program and even beyond that. Please feel free to contact for further assistance or information.

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