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A Rainy Day

It was raining. I and mother were coming back from our forest campsite as the plan was all washed away in the rain water. It was around 10 at night.

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We both were all alone. The rain got heavier, the wipers of the car faster. The streets were empty. Our car fleeted through the logged water and the wheels splashed the water all around the bushes nearby. Everything was quiet. I tried to turn the radio on but the signal was not caught in the dense forest. Mom checked the mobile. Not only the battery was low but there was no coverage.

Dad was out of station. He was not at home from a month or more. Mom drove really fast. She was worried about old granny at home. Suddenly the phone rang. It was an unknown number. I picked up the phone. “Hello. Hello! Are you there? ” The phone was cut. We didn’t wonder who was there. We thought that the phone must be cut because of low coverage. It was ignored. We headed on. After a mile or two, amidst the foggy ambiance we saw a diminished structure. It was not clear. I thought it was just a foggy illustration.

As the car got a bit near, it seemed to be an injured man. As fast as a jaguar, the car had lost its control. Mom couldn’t apply brakes. It looked as if an accident is going to take place. The car stopped making a dreadful noise. We looked back there was no one. Mom got off the car. Looked around. What was it? Was it a zombie? Or really a man? We were truly scared. My heart was beating like anything. We reached home-safe and sound. What happened that night nobody knows. We didn’t share this incident with anyone. It was forgotten and considered only a rainy day.