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Superstition: Truth and Fear

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What is superstition? According to the dictionary, a superstition is an irrational fear of what is unknown or mysterious, especially in connection with one’s religion. Often, a superstition is nothing but a senseless belief which arise from one’s fear or ignorance. Some superstitions may come off as logical but most of the time, they are ridiculous. However, even though most people know that superstitions are based on pure imagination and are nowhere close to the truth, some people still become controlled by the superstitions they believe in and this is very unhealthy.

Superstition has become a worldwide phenomenon which people in every country believed despite its absurdity. Due to the fact that superstitions are often against the known laws of science and reasoning, they tend to be defined as beliefs based on ignorance and fear, and are found in various forms and practices. Superstitions have existed way back since ancient times. Primitive people were ignorant about the truths of science and were at the mercy of nature.

They could not understand why there was such a change taking place around them and there was fear. They were afriad of offending what they had respected and worshiped, and they feared of suffering the wrath of whom they called gods, and whom they called the “evil spirits”. Of course, they feared of having to pay back for the sins they had once committed. The sense of insecurity and the fear of the unknown forces in the universe are ingrained our natural instincts. Even the educated people are not freed from these.

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They could not eliminate this fear from their minds. Thus, it was believed that fear was what gave rise to superstition. Due to fear, superstitions could also drive someone to commit horrifying crimes. For example, women who were suspected of practicing witchcraft were tied and burnt alive in the past, while child sacrifices used to be made to please gods. Superstitions gave excuse for people to commit crimes in the name of warding off the “evil spirits” or pleasing the gods.

However, none of these actions should ever be condone due to the fact that the superstitions are nothing but nonsense without concrete proof to back them up. Ignorance and the fear of the unknown can be said to be what made the fertile ground for superstitions. Therefore, in order for superstitions to be exposed, one should only follow the ones with concrete scientific and logical proof and scientific outlook should be cultivated to expose superstitions.

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