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A Prominent Pilot

One of the most outstanding features of the human nature is to aim to something beyond the everyday live. Have you ever caught yourself at looking into the distant skyline and thinking:

“What is out there?” Have you ever looked up at the deepness of blue sky and dreamed about being there, swimming there, flying there. These thoughts are just dreams for some people but one day they become the reality for the others.

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Having taken off from the earth once these lucky people decide to spend the half of their lives in the sky – they become pilots. On the way to make the dream come true there are, however, many difficulties.

A number of skills and qualities a pilot should have, the knowledge he/she should gain, fears that should be overcame can scare beginners in piloting and prevent them from flying.  How not to give up, how to stay faithful to the dream, and – what is very important – how to become an above average pilot – these are the questions the beginners should find the answers to.

Learning how to get and stay in the best physical and psychical shape for a flight together with finding out about the characters of famous pilots in history can help to picture the portrait of a prominent pilot and thus can show the way to one’s own success.

The first key to success at any field is personal skills that can be explored through the social science studies. The psychological and emotional qualities of a pilot, as reflected by his/her motivation and sheer determination to succeed, is the single most important factor in becoming an above average pilot.

A good pilot should have a strong character, and the task of social and psychological science is to research what exact qualities one should develop and show how exactly one can do it with particular psychological techniques and trainings.

The sociologists can conduct a poll among experienced aviators and even plane passengers in order to find out what qualities they believe to be important for a pilot to fulfill his/her job duties successfully and to be a reliable team member and caring supervisor. Sometimes these qualities can differ from what we can think.

For example, not only the strong character is important but also respect for the aircraft, the crew and the passengers. A pilot should be careful with the navigation, the operation of the systems and the communications, safe take-off and landing, he/she should care about the image of the aircraft and service that is presented.

All of these things form a complete pilot’s personality, and the successful future in the profession of aviation depends on it. Thus social and psychological research will help in forming the character of a prominent pilot.

The physiological aspect of piloting is vital too. One should consider his/her own health abilities to bear the conditions pilots usually are in. The studies on pilot’s physiology should explore how flight can impact the physical processes in human body.

The special attention should be paid at the circulatory system and heart physiology under the stress conditions. It is important also to research the reactions of the nervous system in order to find out how successful one can be in responding the emergency situations and taking immediate decisions. Based on the results of the physiological research, the specialists should work out the training programs, give some advice about the diet if necessary, and general recommendations to help pilots to keep themselves in excellent shape.

The best acknowledgment of a prominent person is to be retained in history. The piloting history is the story of courage, adventure, and deeds. Exploring it can give us bright characters of particular airmen the beginners could take after. One can look through the biographies of the most outstanding pilots and find many similarities that made these people worthy of remembering. For example, a society has always acknowledged pioneering in piloting.

Thus in 1919 Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown were the first who crossed the Atlantic. After this adventure they were received as heroes in London and knighted for recognition of their pioneering achievement. Like these two, the names of other pioneers form the stages of the piloting history. War heroes also take the special place in history.

Hopefully there can be found more peaceful areas to succeed at but war deeds are the examples of courage that pilots should have.  Thus exploring the pioneers’ and war heroes’ biographies one can find out about the deeds that helped other people to become prominent aviators.

As we can see, succeeding at piloting requires picturing the personality of a prominent airman by means of the sociological and physiological researches together with exploring the outstanding pilots’ biographies.