A Personal Analysis of My Leadership Skills

Last Updated: 14 Nov 2022
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My leadership skill, as well as style, revolves around my personality. Through understanding myself that is, what I can do, when and how I can approach task has helped me to understand my personality. I have had to perform swot analysis of myself and my leadership to find out my style and skills of leadership.

Thesis statement

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The call for individuals in the leadership positions to perform a self assessment of their leadership has been dominant in many Multinational Corporation, government, and other institutions (Dye, 1999). This has been posted as a tool that would influence how these bodies are run and could also influence their productivity positively as well. This paper seeks to present my leadership styles and skills assessment through my personality examination by use of various tools. Emotional intelligence tool has been defined as the potential to perceive, manage and assess one's emotions and for others as well.

Understating my emotions and feeling has been very key in my leadership and works as a platform in which I tame or control myself when responding to heated environments. Before I started embracing this tool I used to find it difficult to control my eager. It was very hard to have work flowing since at such level stress was high. I could not manage to have a good working relationship since controlling my impulse was very tricky. However understanding other people emotions it serves as a mirror which I use to evaluate how to respond to others, manage myself and manage them. It helps manage the feedback from people before I get it by shaping my leadership comment skill to achieve positive feedback. I can say that I have seen myself initiate process and at the same time having a good relationship with my workmates.

As I put efforts to learn emotions of people around me I realize that I spend sizable time listening to them. When I listen to them they feel appreciated and in the process, it becomes easy for me to influence then to take actions. While examining the perception of others it has been very easy for me to create an environment where discussions, negations, and debate can germinate. Here others are relaxed to listen and comment. Having the in this cool mood helps in solving problems. This makes my work easier to manage a team (Karsh, 2009). It makes more aware of myself and others and through working this environment it has become easy for me to control work issues and related stress well. It is a drive even support to have a sound work-life balance policy. Self-competence has assisted me to analyze my collaboration, teamwork, and social awareness skills. This is a tool that governs how to approach environments through examining the reactions from others especially workmates.

It instructs my autocracy and through an application of interpersonal skill it moves others on my side. I consider this very key in the work place since it is easy to instill confidence to my workmates. When it comes to reassigning duties and job rotation I am very keen to use my experience with workmates and even others to factor specialization (Stefl, 2008). This makes me have people where they would want to be in the assignment and it work wonder in the end results since people end up doing work happier. The morale even helps me to engage them and work even more. Hemisphere Dominance is a personality assessment tool where scholars have argued that brain hemispheres affect the skills and leadership style. People whose brain is dominated in the right hemisphere are said to be creative. They are therefore ideal people to launch new systems, products, and services in a company.

It is amazing I happen to be in the committee in our company where we set strategies and procedure for every new product our company is introducing to the market. I find myself genius thinking and placing opinions on the strategy formulation which take center stage of the entire process. My opinion at a time is coupled with criticism from teammates but in a composed manner, I have managed to drive my points home. I feel encouraged to continue offering my leadership especially after ideas go through and by seeing the institution embrace my creatively (Stefl, 2008). People whose brain is dominated in the left hemisphere are considered to be people of details.

They are hooked to implementing strategic plans. I wonder whether I fall under these scholars work as I consider myself to be a very specific person not only at the workplace but at homes story is that even as a child this was witnessed. That said this assessment helps me to be keen and to operate the center of the hemisphere since being too details my times it has worked against many leaders. It is very important at times to be lenient to steps especially by subject (Karsh, 2009). Many young people join companies and need time to adjust to the work environment. Being very strict it can be detrimental. It could raise resistance which is dangerous to any leader and when people are responding to this go-slows and demonstration comes out to affirm leadership failure.


It is very difficult to others before leading one's self. I have managed others by first understanding my weaknesses such as eager and specific attitude and learning to work around them. The end result of assessing my leadership style and skill has transformed my work environment, my friendships, and life in general. It has tremendously influenced my productivity and worked around minimize failure in my leadership.

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