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A New Orgnization In Tampa

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The new organization in Tampa, Florida is very diverse but interrelated medical practice for multiple reasons but mainly through the physicians that have combined to create this practice. The three well-established physicians that combined to form the new organization are an obstetrician, a gynecologist, and an urologist. The relationships that are formed through this group of physicians and staff are important when detailing vertical and horizontal dimensions. The vertical dimensions of this organization would be the upward and downward channels of communication, decision making, and the direction of activities taking place.

Employing the appropriate staff for each physician is vital for smooth and accurate business. Staffing must include schedulers, billing department, nursing staff, etc. Having a business manager to keep the business operations and staff organized is vital in the vertical chain of command. In this case, a liaison is appointed to the medical staff that the physicians can depend on to ensure smooth coordination between organizations and within the medical building/hospital. The horizontal dimensions of this organization are in place to keep each specialist a unit in one medical building but also very specific to their different practices.

A prime example of horizontal dimension is the obstetrician needing a nurse practitioner specifically in the practice to ensure that the help that is needed is supplied. Combining similar physicians is convenient for their clientele/patients but it is also very important that the division is present so that the organization is in place. Authority and Responsibility relationships that are present in this new organization are obviously apparent through the specialists that are collaborating to form a practice. More specifically, the authority is present within the people that’s main purpose is to give orders and oversee activities.

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A New Orgnization In Tampa

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For example, the liaison that tends to the hospital and the physicians as well as the office manager that oversees the staff and business productions. The responsibility side of this organization is entirely up to the office staff as well as the physicians to follow close instructions and show the responsibility that is vital in a successful business operation. In this particular practice, I believe that an organic organization is suitable. Having a few rules and procedures as well as a small number of organizational levels and ranks would be ideal for this new organization.

By organizing the office in this way it will give more responsibility to a few people that can work together to keep everything very structured and uncomplicated. By creating a triangle that amplifies the most important roles with responsible supervision I feel that everyone would be held accountable. The differentiations of this organization are the various elements that are present through the roles each person takes. Multiple physicians, the nursing staff, and office staff are all important parts in what the differentials in this organization consist of.

Knowing what the responsibilities are and what is expected helps to differentiate positions. Integration within this organization recognizes that there are specialized units that all have to work together in sync to benefit the overall well-being of the practice. The nursing staff must work hand in hand with the physicians to ensure the support is needed to provide the best care. The office and insurance staff must work hand in hand to ensure that the business runs smoothly as well as creates revenue.

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