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5 Ways To Make Money This Summer

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It never hurts to have some spare cash – especially if you are a student. With the cost of eating, drinking, studying and general ‘living’ alongside your expensive course fees, finances can sometimes be tough for students. For many, the summer is a great opportunity to use their spare time to earn some extra cash. Here are 5 of the best ways you can make some money this summer!

Get a part time job

The most obvious way to make money this summer is to get a part-time or temporary job and clock up some full time hours while there are no classes. This could mean working in a local bar, restaurant, super market, cinema or gym – lots of places offer flexible working hours to students who are looking to make some money with their free time. Having a part-time job is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people – and looks great on your CV as well.

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Share Your Skills

Are you a talented painter or musicianDo you know how to build websites, speak another language or calculate complicated mathematical equationsIf you think that you might have a talent that other people would want to learn, then you can sell your time to help coach or teach those people. Teaching others an important skill is something that looks great on a CV.

Sell your old course books

Course books are expensive – but you can make back some of the money you spent on buying your text books at the beginning of the year by selling them back! Next year’s students are likely to require the same course books, and if yours are still up-to-date, will be happy to pay less to have a 2nd hand copy. Many book shops buy-back course books from students.

Don’t hang onto your old phone!

Most of us get new phones several times a year, and just end up throwing the old ones into the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day again! However, websites like and can pay up to ?200 or more for your old phone!

Sell Unused Stuff!

We’re all guilty of holding onto things when we no longer need them. Whether it be clothes, electronic devices, even musical instruments or sports equipment – but don’t leave those things to collect dust in your attic or cupboards, websites like and are great places to sell your stuff and make some money from items you no longer use!

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