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Young Volunteers

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It can be quite a challenge to get teenagers to focus on anything other than the latest fashion and the latest technological gadgets, but instilling a sense of volunteerism and community service can go a long way toward making young people responsible and well rounded. This sense of responsibility and community service will be important, of course, as those teenagers grow and enter the world of college and career. It is never too early to instill a sense of community responsibility and involvement, and teens of all ages can benefit from those experiences.

I believe participating in volunteer service is a beneficial for teens to be involved in because it’s constructive and by doing things that interest them, teens often gain new skills and find new career opportunities that they hadn't thought of before. In addition, the experiences gained in volunteer settings can provide teens with skills in leadership and decision-making, and also look attractive on college and scholarship applications. By Volunteering, Teens are exposed to people and circumstances they have not encountered in their life.

Volunteers learn about respect and kindness; I can relate to this based on my own experience through working with the elderly, serving the homeless at a shelter, and mentoring disabled children. The advantages of such community service and community involvement are many, from a greater feeling of self satisfaction and self esteem to a better perception from college admission officers and hiring managers down the road. Besides finding new career opportunities, volunteering also provides teens with other skills necessary in the job market, skills that help with their education will also help in the business world.

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Volunteering also shows employers and colleges that they believe in making the world a better place and are willing to sacrifice their time and energy to do it. Finally, volunteering provides teens a chance to increase their knowledge in certain areas, and having that knowledge and impact will be extremely beneficial in the future. The impact the activities have may take years to show up, but even so, the impact is there. Volunteering is a win-win situation to both the volunteer and the community.

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