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Yoko ono louisiana

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She was also married to John Lennon until he passed away! As her 80th birthday approached this year, she presented her most diverse and extensive range of oeuvres including 200 objects, films, music, photographs, poems, etc. at at Louisiana. Her works are not only within art, but also performance, music, peace and feminist movements - she's equally talented in all of them. The exhibition, which is the greatest one she has ever had in Europe up until now ncluded some of her most recent works as well as some of her earliest ones.

It reflected how important her oeuvres have been to the development of contemporary art on a global scale. The essential elements of her oeuvres are not only objects but also ideas that she transmits through verbal instructions. Consequently she builds an interesting relationship with her viewers. She is the initiator and gives viewers an active role inviting them to use these instructions to interact in the creative process of her works if they are performable, or gives them food for thought if they are utopian.

The thematic range of these ideas is enormous as they can be poetic, crazy, clever, social criticisms and involve subtle sense of humour. At Louisiana she invited her visitors to "Watch the sun until it becomes square" and create a painting on a transparent plastic surface using water drops and a sponge. She also invites everyone to write a wish and hang it on the "Wish Tree" - Everyone's wishes will be collected and sent to her "Imagine Peace Tower" in Reykjavik where millions of wishes from across the world are saved.

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Yoko ono louisiana

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I must admit some of her works almost provoked reactions such as "Is she serious? " and "This is a Joke" sometimes - but art is art, and often comes in rather rare forms that play with our minds. She is unique in her own ways and her works are strongly One area played her music ranging back to songs, videos, concert recordings and posters from when she first met Lennon until her last remix album mies, I'm a Witch" released in 2007 - I find it quite astonishing that she is as active as she is considering her age - Good Asian genetics I guess.

Yoko mentions herself that exhibiting at Louisiana was a must in life to consider herself a "made" artist, which is one of the main reasons her exhibition here was so unique and special. One of her major architectural installations "En Trance" was there, which hadn't been seen for years. It consists of a wall with six different entrance options that lead to different experiences such as crawling under/through different structures, seeing yourself hundreds of times in a mirror and even watching a woman fall quite ridiculously while attempting to get through one of the entrances.

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