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How to Write a Thematic Essay

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What is a  thematic essay

The definition of a thematic analysis essay is the following. It is a type of paper that enables professors to examine how well students have perceived the material. It shows how well they can reflect on a specific problem posed in the task.apart from that the task of a student working on preparation of the thematic essay is to demonstrate his ability to distinguish and differentiate between optimal forms of expression.

The peculiarity of this type of essay is that the central theme is developed with the application of literary devices. A writer working on the delivery of this assignment should plan his writing process correctly taking into consideration all the necessary details. To write an appropriate thematic essay, a writer has to be familiar with all the stylistic devices applicable while creating literary pieces. One should be experienced enough to differentiate between all the types and varieties available.

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The task of a writer is to focus on one particular aspect of a topic and present it clearly at the beginning of the essay. An advanced writer will easily single out and formulate the main issue to be discussed, identify the stylistic devices applied and dwell upon the pragmatics of the literary piece. Among the primary methods that are widely used are imagery, foreshadowing, personification, imagery, personification, figurative language and plenty of rhetorical devices.

Thematic essay format

Exists a list of special thematic essay format requirements that are obligatory for all writers working on the preparation of writing o this type. They are close to the structural requirements of the ordinary essay. The required elements are the lead-in part or introduction, the core part or main body paragraphs and the closing paragraph or the conclusion. Each of these essay section directly influences the quality of the essay as it secures the logic and coherence of the layout. It is essential to stick to standards of formatting to deliver a text deserving high evaluation.

The lead-in or introductory part is of the utmost importance as it gives the target reader the understanding of the information that will be delivered further in the essay and helps to concentrate on the central idea of the composition. It is essential to make it maximally exciting and engaging to grab the attention of the target audience. Apart from that, this part has to comprise the thesis sentence - the core of the whole essay. It is the central statement that should be defended and supported in the main body.

The main body has to comprise the main info. It should be a clear expression of ideas by the author. One has to support and defend the position stated in the introduction of the essay. It may also be enhanced with the plenty of examples and statistical data to make the text more vibrant and exciting for the target reader. The concluding part has to restate the thesis sentence and close the essay in general. It has to be a logical ending of your thought. You have to enable the reader to absorb the critical issues of your composition. A reader has to have a feeling that your text for useful and informative. The formatting influences it significantly and makes the text being cohesive and coherent.

Thematic essay outline

To compile a proper essay, one needs to perform several stages. One of these crucial preparation stages is the creation of the paper's framework. An outline presents a handy scheme that helps the writer to plan the writing process and decide on a structural and sense division of the composition.  Exists a specific algorithm that may contribute to comprise an outline, which will serve as a handy assistant.

The proper outline has to start with the introduction. A hook sentence has to relate to the central topic. It should be attention-grabbing, it has to render the plot of the book shortly. Next follows the thesis. You have to introduce the theme part you will discuss. You have to prepare the reader for the perception of the core information.

The main body has to provide the examples. Start the first paragraph with the girt example. Be sure to give enough information, providing enough info describing the plot. You can enhance the instance with the quote of from the book. End with the sentence, which makes the transition to the second example. The following two paragraphs have to be compiled following principles described above. The concluding paragraph as to relate to the thesis sentence. A closing sentence has to express a deep thought and explain to a reader a lesson concerning the particular composition.

Thematic essay example

It may pose a challenge to prepare an excellent thematic essay having no experience. that is why students turn to various templates and thematic essay examples to see how the guidelines can be used in practice. Here is the example of the thematic essay based on the novel “The portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

“Love in the novel “The portrait of Dorian Gray”

Young, beautiful aristocrat Dorian Gray - the protagonist of the novel, being very young, falls in love with the young actress Sibyl Wayne, calm and very attractive, with "eyes - blue lakes, lips - petals of roses." In a small provincial theater, she plays a role in the great Shakespearean tragedies. Playing so enthusiastically and inspired, that it itself seems to be transformed into the heroines of the plays. Her talented acting attracted the hearts of grateful spectators and harsh critics. The girl, having created her strange, imaginary world, continued to live in it. And the time came - her beautiful "magic prince" came to her - Dorian Gray - her first and the biggest love. Dorian Gray, being an idealist, sees Sybil as a living embodiment of beauty and invites her to marry him. The girl is overwhelmed with incredible happiness.

But when she did not manage to play successfully in a play, to which Dorian invited his friends - Lord Henry and artist Bezila Hallward, everyone saw in her an ordinary girl, even mediocrity. Sibyl played not the best, because she decided to continue to be herself, even if before she was overwhelmed with his future personal happiness. The performance failed. Dorian's friends soothed him. And Dorian Gray himself was desperate. He was accustomed to be surrounded by only unusual, great, beautiful, talented people, who can cause only astonishment, admiration and envy in environment, where they appear. And here is such a failure! And Dorian left Sybil in desperation: "You killed my love!" But was it a true love? Whom loved Dorian Gray? Sybil Wayne - young, tender, kind, beautiful girl, or her fame?

Every person can face failures and successes, ups and downs, and nobody is immune to mistakes. But did Dorian Gray have the moral right to throw such a cruel reproach to a girl who loved him so sincerely, selflessly? Besides, she was still so young and inexperienced. The fact is that Dorian loved himself and, being selfish, could not feel the girl's gentle, easily vulnerable soul, and instead of calming, support in the terrible situation, he offends her and breaks out the relationship. Dorian Gray, loved girl’s fame and fame of the actress’ impressive beauty. Later, repentance will come to him (though he is too late), he will want to reconcile with Sibyl, even to marry her, but it will instead be a sense of duty, not sincere repentance. Sibyl was unable to withstand this. When a lover left her, she did not see more sense in her life and committed suicide.

Sibyl was not buried yet, but Dorian Gray was already entertaining: he attended the opera, fashionable secular salons and was glad that the late Sibyl told his name neither to family nor to friends to any of his relatives and acquaintances and thus no troubles with the investigation he could face. Many years passed since that time. Dorian Gray has repeatedly fallen in love, but he was unable to feel the real love. Nobody loved him like Sybil, sincerely and selflessly. To explore the love, one must have a pure, bright and unbleached soul, which Dorian Gray just lacked.

Thematic essay topics

A proper paper is an essay which is compiled following all the formatting standards and presents a cohesive, complete and logical piece of information entirely corresponding to the given topic. Successful choice of subject guarantees an excellent quality of the essay and its high informativeness.

An excellent variant for the topic formulation is a discussion of a particular character, his dynamics throughout the whole essay and his traits of character. Apart from that, choosing a topic, an author can focus on the moral issues discussed in the literary piece. It may also become a proper core for the future essay.

It is also possible to focus on the moral issues discussed in the literary piece.  A writer can discuss the problems of the essay dwelling upon the most exciting parts of the piece. The main thing is to choose an exciting topic that will attract attention of a reader and allow to create a great impression.


This essay was written by a fellow student. You can use it as an example when writing your own essay or use it as a source, but you need cite it.

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