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The War of the Roses: A Thematic Account

Essay Topic:

This essay looks at the War of the Roses using a thematic approach. The War took place between the house of York and of Lancaster over the right to the throne of England.Due to the brutality and political impact of the War, numerous attempts have been made to understand how it came about.

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The essay examines differing accounts of what led to the war, in an attempt to compare social, political and economic approaches.

The overall impact and nature of the War is described, including the roots of the war in the dispute over kingship dating from the time of King Henry IV and the manner in which he succeeded Richard II. The political machinations by the House of York, as they attempted to reclaim right to throne are described, as are the growing tensions between the Lancasters and Yorks.

The various events and contexts at the time of the War are also assessed, including the role of key players including Margaret of Anjou, the Earl of Warwick and the Duke of York. The War is also analysed in terms of the three main phases; the first longest phase leading to the York’s victory, the subsequent phase of rebellion in the House of York, and the final phase marked by King Edward IV’s death.Different approaches from a number of academic commentators are also considered, including the idea that individual roles are paramount, and that the political system and its weaknesses were the main cause.

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Title: Please use the thematic method to discuss the themes of weak kings/ over mighty nobles/ queens/ and the theme of Generalship at Tweksbury. Use the contemporary sources provided as well as others to back up your argument.

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