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Workplace Violence and Employer Liability

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A workplace is an area or location that could either be temporary or permanent where workers undertake work related duties. Work place ethics on the other hand is a set of principles that guide people of their morals. It is based on the virtue of diligence and hard work. Workplace ethics involves how a person feels about their career, vacation or job and it also clearly shows a person’s nature. The responsibilities that people feel about their career include: interaction communication, behavior, how one gets along with others and respect.

Workplace ethics also involve characteristics such as accountability and honesty. (http://www. allaboutphilosophy. org/what-are-work-ethics-faq. htm). Workplace ethics for instance honesty which means not cheating, lying and stealing, placing great values to other people and good job performance, being a greater part of a certain vision or plan and having a sense of a certain vision or plan and having a sense of purpose is very crucial. These are very vital to any individual or organization.

In organization, for those workers who display good workplace ethics should be identified for more responsibilities, promotions and better positions. However, those workers who fail to display good work-ethics are regarded for having failed to provide any value as compared to the wages that they are being paid. As a result they are not considered for any promotions or positions that require greater responsibility. (http://www. allaboutphilosophy. org/what-are-work-ethics-faq. htm) Workplace ethics today has become a common phenomenon.

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It has become one of the most critical issues that is being discussed everywhere from newspapers, magazines to televisions. Ethics is concerned with making choices and an individual has to choose what they consider as being the best choices that can eventually benefit themselves. These choices are an example of the common Golden Rules that we know for instance “do not steal” among others. Many people consider ethics as being on the private side and not on the business side and these make people to do exactly what people think of ethics.

However on the business side, having ethics is considered morally wrong, since according to them ethics is about doing what a person feels is the best for number one and not really about doing the right thing (www . business-marketing. com/store. article-businessethics. html) At work, people usually rely on each other’s words including what they say and mean. Telling the truth is an important factor when discussing workplace ethics. This is because much of workplace ethics rely on honesty among people including managers and employees.

Telling the truth at workplace helps in the creation of a truthful working environment. Telling the truth as a workplace ethic is very important. It has got several positive sides that make it essential. One aspect is that is important because it entails less creativity because nothing has to be made up. Telling the truth keeps one healthy as they do no have to incur expenses on medical services such as treatment of blood pressure as it is kept in the normal range. There will be no accusations as a result of telling the truth and a person also hardly feels any guilt about telling the truth.

Lastly, people will believe in those who tell the truth and this is quite important (www. chacocanyon. com/pointlookout/011031. shtm. ). Throughout the companies of the world, workplace ethics has been deteriorating. It is uncommon to come across ethical crises such as fraud, misuse of company products and embezzlement as well as services in newspaper headlines. People mess up with the assets of the company; do not tell the truth and many other things (http://humanresources. about. com/cs/businessethics/ethicsassets. htm)

These companies’ work ethics that includes integrity, accountability have been rather shady and this has resulted on negative impact among people. United States although considered to be the land of the free, has extreme sides concerning work ethics as people are digging their own early graves through longevity in workplace hence resulting to stress among people (www. halexandria. org/dward333. htm). It is estimated by the U. S. Department of labor that about 80% of workers who lost job was about the poor work ethics in their places of work and not because they lack occupational skills

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