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Why We Use Stereotypes

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Why stereotypes? Why can’t we just be judged by our own individuality and not based on someone else’s? Stereotypes basically give people untrue “facts” about different ethnic groups and their certain characteristics and behaviors. So in this essay I’m going to have to set things straight.

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Why We Use Stereotypes

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. Stereotypes are exaggerated or distorted beliefs or images about a person or group of people. They assume that everyone in the group have the same characteristics leading them to believe that they are all alike.

No one is born believing in stereotypes, they are usually learned from the media (TV, radio, etc), parents, peers, and etc. Even when a stereotype is positive it affects the mind so much that there is no room for a person to show their individuality or how different they can be. Many people use stereotypes because it’s hard for them to take in all this complicated information about other people in the world. People find it difficult to spend the necessary amount of time learning to understand why or what different ways people behave.

So then due to that we start accepting stereotypes because their easier for us to understand. Stereotypes affect people all over the world. There isn’t one group of people that isn’t affected by stereotypes (due to the fact that everyone is basically different from us). The effect that stereotypes take is that it eliminates the challenges of us getting to know and understand people who are different from us. They don’t allow people to be considered different. They give us a general overview of whole groups of people so we know what to expect and how to act when they’re seen.

Also when we have problems with someone of a different group, we usually identify the problem as it having to be associated the group rather than the specific person. So the do impact us on how we think, and feel. Stereotypes also make us very judgmental about others and unfortunately they frequently do. Stereotypes make us believe that someone (or that group of people) did something to us, rather than the problem, fear, or rigidity/closed thinking we have within ourselves. Stereotypes have left a big effect on us. We can’t be seen as different with them around so we must try to eliminate them.

We need to actually take the time to get to know people instead of accepting stereotypes just because their easier. Everyone is different, so you can’t just look at someone and think this is how they act based on what’s said about the group in general. Get to understand people based on their individuality not what you hear. Though no one is born believe in stereotypes they are usually learned from the media (which usually impacts us anyways)

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