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Why Study History

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People live in the present; no one lives in the past. The past causes the future and that’s where history comes from, history is important to know. We need to know history to understand societies and the way of the people who live in the societies behave History is interesting; it deals with real events and people. History offers a variety of topics and personal interests. Everything has a history; wars, nations and peoples. History is visible in every place of the world. History knowledge is very important, to not know history is ignorance in my opinion.

Everyone should know where they come from. History focuses on the cause and affect around us today. I am majoring in history because to me history is a beautiful story that is untold. There is history everywhere you go and it intrigues me of why something was built, invented or done. There is a reason why everything happens and I love the thought of knowing the history of what made people do the things they have done in the past. To me history is seeing through the eyes of others, I am majoring in history because it has been by far my favorite subject my entire life.

I always made excellent grades when I was in elementary school and high school. I choose to pursue history as a career, since I enjoyed it so much. History is an exploration to me and when you discover what you are looking for it can be rewarding and makes everything make sense. By seeing through others eyes we see where the failure and achievement came from. While studying history I have learned to question the things that I assume and the beliefs of societies.

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By learning the history of things I have learned to understand the assumptions I have made of people and why they choose to do the things they have done. I am glad that I have choose to pursue a career in history because of the things you learn and what you can gain from studying other cultures as well as your own. I study history because it can be used in everyday life and history is something that we learn from so the mistakes that were made in the past will not be repeated. Studying history is important in many ways, by studying history you gain more knowledge and are able to understand the world we live in.

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