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Why Do We Need Management?

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Why do we need Management? Melisa Honeycutt Vista College Why do we need Management? A business is an ongoing activity that will not run itself. As the manager, you will have to set goals, determine how to reach those goals and make all the necessary decisions.

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Why Do We Need Management?

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. You will have to keep records, and determine costs. You will have to control inventory, make the right buying decisions and keep costs down.

You will have to hire, train and motivate employees now or as you grow. ( Soni 2010) When a company has good management, the whole company does well. A good manager will be a great buffer for the owner and his employees. He/she will also coordinate most of the day-to-day business. Now we will look at what is the purpose of management, I find that there are five primary functions. * Staffing: You must be good at seeing raw talent and knowing when the company will need more employees. Planning: You need to be able to see the big as well as the small picture. * Organizing:You need great focus, most of the time you will need to be in many places and doing many jobs at once. It is a balancing act. * Leading: You will need to be a leader that can motivate people and get people to work together. * Controlling: You will need to monitor the business to make sure it stays on track. To me the world would look much like my home, if my husband and I left and put no one in charge.

It would be complete and utter chaos; no one would know where things are and who did what. I see a manager as a babysitter of sorts and managing a business will be a lot like running my home and family. Does juggling ever come to mind when you think of running your own business? It does mine! References Soni, J. (2010). Why do we need Management? [yahoo answers]. Retrieved from answers. yahoo. com What are the Primary Functions of Management? (2012, November). In Blurtit. Retrieved from QuickBase. Intuit,com website: blurtit

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