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Who am I as a person Argumentative Essay

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The truth is, you will never win in life by being someone you are not. There will always be someone prettier and there will always be someone nicer, but there will never be another you.

It all starts out amazing, the day I realized I was not just a typical girl that I wasn’t like every other girls out there.

I love wearing pants and sneakers instead of skirts and sandals, I prefer wearing polo shirt rather than dress and because I don’t have a single dress on my cabinet, I love it when my hair’s always tied up instead of putting down, I don’t have any idea about makeups and I don’t care, I love to listen to linking park songs, I love watching real time action movies rather than romantic drama series, I like to eat when I’m bored and sleep when I’m sad, and most of all I have this mustache thing on my mouth and this adam’s apple on my neck.

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But as I step out and look at the crowd the insecurity settles deep in my gut as I stand here in front and the confidence I have with myself falls apart. Scared of what will people think and how they will react, and the fact that everything you are seems to be wrong. But who cares if I’m different? Who cares if my hair’s always tied up instead of putting down, who cares if instead of wearing skirts and sandals, I wear pants and sneakers, Who cares that I enjoy music that blares in my ears , rather than the soft flows of the music other people enjoy, who cares if I have a thick hair above my mouth and an apple on my throat, like Who cares?

We should be allowed to be who we are whenever and wherever. When we look at the crowd , we shouldn’t be subjected to the looks that people, friends, and anybody gives us. We should be allowed to be happy for doing what we love and to the things that made us who we are, we should be respected for being different because we're all different in our own ways and I am different from you, just like you are different from me.

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