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When a Crime is Committed

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My priorities for this investigation are to determine if a crime has been committed, and what crime has been committed, how many perpetrators there are, who are the next possible victims and where to locate them so they can receive police protection, who is or are responsible for the attacks, find evidence to prove the perpetrators guilty, and to present the proof to the prosecutor in the best manner to make sure that the perpetrator or perpetrators gets jail time. The most time will be spent on who are the perpetrators are, but a considerable amount of time will be spent on what crimes the perpetrator or perpetrators committed due to the severity of the situation; for example, burglary is larceny if a car is involved in some places.

Finding out who could be the next victims could be is the second most important thing in the investigation because I will need to manage the resources so that possible victims are safe but the investigation is not undermined due to being understaffed. After possible suspects have been arrested and are being brought to trial presenting the information in a way that the prosecutor will vote guilty is the second most vital task except for pressing charges on them that apply to their crimes. A medical examiner will be needed to perform an autopsy on the victim that passed.

I would make the perimeter around the crime scenes large so that evidence would likely be in the circle. I would also make sure that anything found at the crime scene would be covered due to the snowstorm possibly ruining evidence. I would check each crime scene for bullets to take to forensics so they can learn whether the bullets were fired from the same gun. I would check the scene for a jacket that one of the witnesses mentioned in case the perpetrator left it there while running away.

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Some officers would be interviewing the witnesses and victims to find the link between them and recording their statements for later use, some would be interviewing suspects, some officers would be searching for evidence and sketching the crime scene, and the other officers would be finding out what the evidence is and what information it gives. For example, certain guns use certain bullets and it can narrow down the list of the guns used in the attack. I would also get field tests so that the items can be tested before they go to the lab and waste time and resources.

I would establish a command center to make sure that all the information gathered will be disseminated to the officers searching for the suspect and so they can keep track of all the evidence. I would organize it by laboratory reports, autopsy results, interviews of the victims and witnesses, updates on evidence, and news articles. Everything will be kept in a chronological order and it will be filed away for later since most cases do not go to trial immediately after a person has been charged with a crime.

The first lead that I would investigate is the man claiming his roommate went out with a gun that was very angry about something because that could lead to the police identifying the perpetrator. The second lead that I would pay attention to the people mentioning the pickup truck because it was mentioned several times by the witnesses of the shootings, and it is high up on the list because it's the only description that seems consistent amongst all of the eyewitnesses.

My third lead is the John Ramsey's description of the perpetrator because he saw the perpetrator clearly, unlike the witness that says that they did not get a clear look at the perpetrator, but eyewitness testimony is known to be incredibly unreliable. The information about the truck that's darker in color and has a license plate that begins with M is not as high up because it is likely to be unrelated to the current case, but it is still pertinent because the perpetrator could be the same person.

I would pay the second to last amount of attention to the person that called saying "I know who did it." before hanging up; since the person's number is a mystery and the police are having a hard time learning the number through the tools at their disposal, the call is likely to be a prank pulled by someone deliberately hiding the number through a spoofing tool. I would pay the least amount of attention to the description of the blue car because it does not seem pertinent to the current case, but the lead would still be investigated because shots were fired from that car and that person could be working with the perpetrator of the latest shootings.

I would make sure to keep the victims up to date about the investigation unless it could affect the investigation. I would also try to find a link between the victims through people they know, such as drug dealers, friends, and colleagues. Once a link has been established I would inform the possible victims that there is a chance that they are in danger.

The first statement would be a simple statement that acknowledges the situation, that the police are working to confirm the facts before we go public, and that I would set a time to have a press release. After we confirmed the information to be accurate, I would start off the debriefing with the facts about the situation; I would state that there are three known victims of the attacks, and that one victim has passed. I would not tell them the name of the victim because the family has not been notified yet.

I would give them a description of the suspect; he is a white male in his twenties or thirties that is wearing jeans and a tee shirt and possibly a jacket. I would make sure to tell people that there are several police stations working together to make sure that the perpetrators are caught. I would make sure that there are police patrolling the area in the background and state that the police are patrolling the area I would make sure that no opinions reach the press because it can negatively affect the investigation by disseminating false information.

I would see link the description of the cars together for the first three attacks and I would also check the bullets on the gun scenes to see if they were fired from the same gun. I will connect the next two scenes trucks together as well to see if any truck matches that description. I believe that there is more than one person involved with this case based off the evidence and that the two later cases are unrelated to the first three. I also believe that the roommate that went out with a gun is a suspect and I would get information about any vehicles he may own that may be linked to the crime.

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