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What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure

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Life is an experience that comes along with failure. Have you ever had the feeling like you haven't done your best at something or the feeling that you're disappointing the people you care about most? Well Eve had that feeling multiple times especially in middle school. In middle school Eve experience lots of failure; failure with friendships, relationships, and rejection. Failure to me is being unhappy with yourself and not doing what you believe in.

My 8th grade year in middle school was a earning experience that came along with lots of failure. The beginning of 8th grade was the easiest part of middle school because there was no drama and less friends. As time went by I gained more friends and more pressure was put on my shoulders. I learned a lot about friendships and the meaning of them. Losing the friends that meant the most to me is one of my failures and something that was challenging. Friendships from the past have a huge impact on the friendships that Eve made today.

In middle school I was always open to meeting new people and starting new reined friendships with anyone but now I realize that I can't do that without getting to know the person first. During my years in high school Eve been more selective with how I choose my friends. Eve learned that in order to trust someone in full and to consider them a good friend, I would have to get to know that person first. Throughout my high school experience Eve gained many friends and learned to trust them. Whenever I had a problem, I would turn to them for advice. Their advice always helped me through my problems and anything else I needed.

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Throughout my experience in high school and middle school, Eve learned a lot about friendship and values. Eve been making better decisions for myself and how I have been choosing my friends. How I chose my friends will help me in college because Eve had experience with good friends and bad friends. My experience with friends at school is teaching me so much about life. Middle school and high school has helped me with better decision making when choosing friends. I will use this decision making in college to help me build new friendships.

What to Do When You Feel Like a Failure essay

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