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Gujarat and Maharashtra Social economic data (populations, education, trade, agriculture, urbanization), infrastructure, development, and policies. What is the primary focus of each state? How do population densities compare? Are both these countries agriculturally self-sufficient? How educated is the labor force? Gujarat is located in the west side of India, and lies in the Kathiawar peninsula. Gujarat is surrounded by different states on each side. The population of the state holds about 60 million people who speak the language of Gujarat which is gujarati.

The people from Gujarat believe that “art, culture, and lifestyle make life peaceful and calm. ”(The official Gujarat state portal) Art is a big deal in their state; they feel a sense of freedom to express their culture and how they feel. They also believe music is the words of the angels. They dance and praise their music to give thanks to their angels for their success and lifestyle. In Gujarat is where all the highly praised legends come from for example Gandhi, a freedom fighter. Gujarat has a lot of great things about it; another amazing thing about this country is their schools.

They make sure to have great Universities to have well educated people, but in fact more men go to a University then women do. There are more men than women in Gujarat, the ratio has gotten better over the years. There is a great deal of pride amongst the people in Gujarat for their state. There is another state in India that is rich in their culture, and that is Maharashtra, India. Maharashtra is located in the western region of India. Maharashtra is the third largest state in India but the wealthiest state. The native language people speak in Maharashtra is Marathi.

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