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What Is the Origin of Law

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What’s the origin of law? God the creator Religion European Colonization- the process of where other countries go to other countries to make them there on. 13 colonies 1. South Carolina 2. Georgia 3. Virginia 4. Pennsylvania 5. New York 6. New Jersey 7. New Hampshire 8. Massachusetts 9. Maryland 10. Connecticut 11. Delaware 12. North Carolina 13. Rhode Island Cause and Effect of the American Revolution The American Revolution was caused by events that affected both the patriots of America and the loyalists of Britain.

Before the American Revolution led to the independence of the 13 colonies of America in the latter half of the 18th century, small upheavals in individual states were seen throughout the country. Among these were the French and Indian War. This war pned nine years, but it was known in England as the Seven Years War. It was a clear picture of how the Frenchmen and the Englishmen both wanted supreme power over the lands of America and wanted to become masters of the trade that each represented.

France lost the war, and England imposed the Stamp Act on all written documents in America to be able to pay debts incurred during the war. They put taxes on virtually everything, including paper, tea, glass and paint. These tax issues then led to the American Revolution ten years later. After the Declaration of Independence, the 13 colonies were formed what is now known as the United States of America. The 13 colonies were divided into three: New England colonies, middle colonies and southern colonies. These tates had ultimately determined that the British rule would never again gain their allegiance, thus severing any ties to the English crown. The United States of America won/drew the Revolutionary War with the help of France, Spain, Dutch Republic and the British (Yes the British also helped the US). Americas 1st Army was set up during the Revolutionary War, it was set up trained and led by British troops who had turned on their own country. Also the Revolutionary War "Officially ended" with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.

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British people held mass protests in Britain and demanded their King sign the Treaty Of Paris end the War and Bring their troops back home and give America back their independence, the King signed it and officially ended the war. Many Historians worldwide have different opinions on if the Revolutionary War was a win or a draw because of the British King officially ending the war by signing the treaty and the fact that the War was technically Brits VS Brits anyway.

Also the British were fighting 3 other more important Wars in other parts of the world at the same time as the Revolutionary War, even though they were outnumbered in all 4 Wars they still went on to win those 3 other Wars, the Revolutionary War was the least important as America was a young country with not much for the British Empire to gain, the 3 other wars they were fighting in other parts of the world had a lot to lose and a lot to gain, the troops that were fighting in America were needed elsewhere. Revolutionary War There were several reasons that enabled the Americans to win the Revolutionary War.

The main reasons are the alliance with France and the Guerrilla Warfare of Marion's Brigade and the attack of British supply bases. The alliance with the France supplied the colonists with weapons, fleets and soldiers greatly. The Patriots' soldiers were low- experienced and the Continental Navy were newborn army who didn't have enough fleets to defend themselves (The British ships were massive and large in numbers). Only with the support of the French, were able to put up a fight against Britain. Marion's Brigade were a group of Patriots who used the Guerrilla Warfare strategy to fight against the British.

The Guerrilla Warfare is still currently used in wars and it is a series of swift, hit & run attacks. In the Naval War, the Patriots, rather than attacking the main forces of the British ships, attacked the supply ships and bases in the Bahamas. That caused the British navy to suffer greatly and delay their attacks. These are the main reasons why and how the colonists of the American Revolutionary War were able to win the war. Motivation Patriots fought for their lives, their property, and their political ideals. Popular Support Many civilians actively supported the Revolution.

Patriots used many techniques to rally popular support. Leadership Rebellion broke out across the continent. American generals learned from their mistakes. Washington inspired loyalty and patriotism in his troops. Foreign allies France supplied money and troops. France and Spain weakened British forces by expanding the war. The Dutch helped carry French military supplies to the Americans with communication and supplies. Americans fought close to home; the militia made sure that the British could not live off the land. Troop strength, although Americans had fewer troops, Local militia helped swell American forces.

Altogether, 250,000 may have fought for the Patriot cause. Article of confederation- the first document of congress. Meaning of this article is the loose collection of states. Georgia delegates 1. Abraham Baldwin 2. Archibald Bulloch 3. William Few 4. William Gibbons 5. Lyman Hall 6. John Houstoun 7. William Houstoun 8. Noble Wimberly Jones Common law Three branches of government Legislative- congress makes law. Executive –president enforces the law. Judicial – Supreme Court Justice Legislative- two branches senate and house of representative Executive- 1 president

Judicial- 9 members- scotus Concentrated power is dangerous. Meaning 1 person with power can go mad with power. Week 2 Notes Sources of law 1. statutory law- legislative body made by congress consistent of federal and state 2. common law- laws handed down from old laws from Europe handed down by tradition 3. constitutional law- made from the constitution 4. model penal code- A. L. I a group that came up with regulations they try to write ways law are written by changing it with a recommendation Judicial branch: we as the United States have to dual court system. State and federal.

Federal-congress State- Georgia general assembly or whatever state you are in. Trials Courts Trial court level is where all court cases start. Both sides are heard in this process. Trial is made into three parts opening statements, presentation of evidence, and closing arguments. District court (Federal) 94 district courts 89 in the continental 5 other areas that are United States 13 court of appeals 11 are listed other 2 are not on the appeal map which is dc circuit and federal court of appeals You can only appeal on law not fact Supreme Court Is the highest court in the land.

Located in Washington D. C and is the only court in the constitution They get over 10,000 case, they usually see 70 to 100 They start hearing case on the first Monday of October and last to April 9 Members 1. John Roberts- Chief Justice – President- G. W. Bush 2. Clarence Thomas- president –G. H. W. Bush 3. Ruth Bader Ginsberg president- W. J. Clinton 4. Stephen Breyer President- W. J. Clinton 5. Antonin Scalia President- Donald W. Reagan 6. Anthony Kennedy- Donald W. Reagan 7. Sona Soto Mayor- B. H. Obama 8. Samuel Alito- G. W. Bush 9. Elena Kagan- Obama

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