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What is racism?

What is racism? Is there still racism going on in the United States and even outside the United States? These are two questions that are often asked and discussed across the world in classroom settings. The definition of racism is the belief that members of a certain race are accounted for differences in human characteristics. Also, discrimination or prejudice is based on race.

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People all over the world still are facing racism until this day especially the people of the African diaspora. Whether you are half black or full black if you are part of that “One Drop” rule you are going to face some type of racism.

Racism is a problem throughout Africa, Brazil, and Canada, and the United States. Many people like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X has been leaders of powerful organizations that have fought against racism. Africa, of course is the motherland of Africans in the diaspora. You wouldn’t imagine Africa facing racism, but yes they do just as African Americans in the US. There are some white South Africans who treat the black South Africans as if they are in the United States. One example is the movie Skin.

In this movie a little girl was born to two white South African parents, but had the complexion of a black South African. When she was enrolled in private white school the teachers, students, and administration looked down on her as if she wasn’t white and born to white parents. Even though her skin tone was of black, she was still white. Although she attended court, the court appealed that she was black and not white, but of course her parents fought until they appealed that she was white. Also, in this movie her father would give black South Africans hard times especially when one wanted to date her daughter.

Even though, she was declared white and her birth certificate said the same that didn’t change a thing when she went out into the real world she was still looked upon as black. Brazilians are part of the African Diaspora as well so they also go through a time of racism. In Brazil it’s more on a different level as far as who you would marry or have sex with. Brazilian men would go for the white women to marry, the mulatto women for sex, and the leave black women to work. Why is that? Why can’t the black women give the men the same as the white and mulatto women? Canadian blacks go through the racism stage also.

Canadian black women undergo through a laboring problem. Even though these African immigrants have some the best skills and high educational backgrounds they are forced to engage in low-paying jobs. Now, in the United States some of these things happen in the U. S. also, and if not worst. Dating back in history racism has occurred with not only African-Americans, but also with Native Americans and even Latinos and Hispanics. The most common form of racism happened with African-Americans starting with slavery era. Once slavery ended, white Americans still treated blacks like blacks were still inferior.

Also, they didn’t treat them equally and the fact that they weren’t slaves anymore. The way black South Africans, African Immigrants in Canada, and Afro-Brazilians were treated is a bit less tense than the way African-Americans were treated. The racism here in the U. S. was a lot tenser. Racism in the U. S. has been going on for eras and still is a problem. Certain areas more in particular the south, are still lynching, killing, and beating blacks just because the color of their skin. Another issue is gang violence. Blacks are fighting black on black just because the color they are wearing.

Rodney King is one huge example of racism that has occurred in Black American history where he was nearly beaten to death by four white police officers. Rosa Parks the black woman who refused to sit in the back of the bus along with the other blacks was another example of racism. Many African-Americans came together and made organizations that could possibly contribute to America’s Society. Without these leaders or organizations black America would not be where it is today. Many African-Americans have been major leaders of organizations that have fought against racism.

A few of these leaders were Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and his wife Amy Garvey. Marcus Garvey led the largest mass organization of black people ever until this day. The name of this is called Universal of Negro Improvement Association also known as UNIA. Malcolm X mother worked for Marcus Garvey. Malcolm X preached self-determination, “Black Nationalism” which he is saying “do for yourself. ” Malcolm X was the founder of the OAAU, which is the Organization of Afro-American Unity. This organization is a Pan-Africanist organization whose purpose was to fight for human rights of African Americans.

Malcolm was basically trying to “un-brainwash” blacks from the lies the white people have said about blacks and their culture. Amy Garvey which was Marcus Garvey’s wife followed him in his footsteps as he preached Pan-Africanism. She taught Pan-Africanism on a more womanly level to help with the women. Also, she encouraged women to educate themselves and perform as leaders in their community. She also believed that Pan-Africanism would empower women to confront racism, colonialism, and imperialism and to have a masculine dominance as well.

Marcus Garvey, Amy Garvey, and Malcolm X have really given a lot of attributions and contributions to the African-American history. These leaders has really help shape the United States against racism and helped express their feelings on why black Americans should be respected the same. As far as racism, it will forever continue go on throughout the United States and also outside the United States. As a young person, I have yet to experience racism other than little white kids joking around. I hope that I won’t have to experience racism because this world is changing and I hope it changes to the better and not worst.