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If your sample textbook does not contain NY of the graphs listed below, please indicate that as you complete the table. Grade Book Name Picture Graph (How and when introduced) Bar Graph Line Graph Circle Graph Other Kindergarten Sahara, J.

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. H. (2006). Mathematics in kindergarten. (5 De. , Volvo. 61, p. 38). Pro Quest Central. Data analysis is part of kindergarten and includes graphing. Children in kindergarten use different kinds of photographs to represent the answer to a question. Picture Graphs are also used to represent the answers to questions.

There Were no bars graphs introduced in this excerpt from the book. Although through further research learned that bar graphs are introduced in second grade. There were also no line graphs used in this book excerpt. In further research I found that line plots were beginning to be taught in the second grade. There was no mention of circle graphs in this excerpt. In doing further research though found that circle graphs are beginning to be introduced in the fifth grade. Geometric shapes are learned. What is a circle?

Where do we see circles in everyday life? Putting shapes together to make other shapes. Transformations, symmetry, measurements, and patterns are also introduced in kindergarten. 4 Hake, Stephen & Saxon, John. (2004) Saxon Math 5/4 Student Edition The picture graph is the first one to be introduced in this book although it is being reviewed because it was introduced in a previous grade. This particular book collected data from the students about which type of food they liked most and used pictures of the food to represent that number.

The bar graph was introduced after the picture graph. The information used in the picture graph was transferred to a bar graph to show the students the same information in a different format. The line graph was introduced at the end of third grade, but not in much detail. In this edition, the line graph is used to display a person's height from birth to ID years of age. The circle graph, also known as a pie chart or graph, was introduced after the line graph

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