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Ways to Discipline

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There are many simple ways that parents can help encourage their child’s development from an early age. Learning how to effectively discipline your child is an important skill that all parents need to learn. “To get what we want in life, we have to do what we have never done.” (Derrick 25). Whether the parent is traditional, a stay home parent, or a fulltime worker, the most precious thing a parent can give his or her kids is their time. Here are some ways to discipline, educate, and spend quality time with your children.

It is very important to educate your child to succeed. First of all, build up their confidence and ensure that they are happy children. Fuel their imagination by reading bedtime stories. Roy Derrick’s research found that children who are regularly told stories have a better vocabulary, have more idea of sentence structure, and sense of stories (126). Also, nurture their creative skills through play. Some activities can help; like building with plastic bricks, painting, or simply creating items can help a child to build up their confidence.

Here are some ways to discipline your children. Avoid physical punishment; it can make your child more aggressive and angry. Also, remember to always give rewards and praise them for good behavior, that way they will know you are happy when they behave well. “Because of their size, children may be difficult to discipline properly” (Rourke 38). Most importantly, provide your child with a safe environment in which they feel secure and loved.

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Discipline means to teach and train children family values, right from wrong, to respect the rights of others, and how they are to behave or not behave. Discipline is a positive parenting skill that emphasizes nurturing, guidance, teaching and training that builds a child’s self-confidence and teaches self-control and behavior management. The better you are with discipline, the less you will have to punish (Lin 45) Try to spend some quality time with your kids. Most parents work all day and do not give their child the time they deserve.

There are many easy ways to be there with them, like helping them with homework. Make it fun and interesting for them. Plan a picnic, kids love to be outdoor where there is food, games, and they enjoy spending time with family and friends. “Your children need your presence more than anything else…” (Jackson 42). Growing a garden with your child is also interesting and different from other activities, but they will enjoy getting their hands dirty and being accompanied by you.

In conclusion, spending quality time with your kids helps both the parent and child to be more open with one another. Also, educating your child to succeed from the early age, will be an advantage for them in the future. Last of all, to discipline your children with the correct manners, it is important for them and yourself as a parent. Remember to always be there for them when they need you, and you will be a great parent.

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