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Unprofessional Conduct Persuasive Essay

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In 2005 I started working for a school system and right from the start I could see that there was some unprofessionalism in some of the employees there. To me unprofessional means not acting as if you were at you place of business or acting as though you are at home or out with your friends. That is how the persons I worked with acted; however, to me Mrs. Petit did nothing of the sort. She was not at her place of work; she did not harm any students so I see now unprofessionalism.

What she was doing was having a life outside of work which I thought we were all as citizens entitled to do. When I think of the word immoral in the context of the teaching profession I think of teachers like the ones I worked with walking around the school building talking badly about the elementary and middle school students they were teaching during school hours.

I do think that Mr. or Mrs. Petit acted immorally in the eyes of the society around them even though they were just living their own lives for which this country was founded, but not to the extent that any harm should have come to them. Was she teaching the children right from wrong? Well yes and no, she taught the children with this mishap that it was right to follow your feelings and to be a leader in society not a follower not to go with the norm, but she also showed that she had no disregard for the laws of the state she lived in by breaking the law for sexual misconduct.

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Unprofessional Conduct Persuasive Essay

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I can not even count on my fingers how many teachers I would deem unfit to teach and Mrs. Petit is not one of them. To me being unfit to teach is a person that thinks that yelling at children is a good thing, or a teacher that is willing to put their hands on someone’s child to discipline them, or most of the so called teachers now who believe that teaching the children to past a test is preparing them for life.

What Mrs. Petit did can not be deemed as a person who is unfit to teach, she was proven to be an outstanding teacher and never harmed a student, they were very well educated and that is because of her. In this case the board was justified due to the fact that she was arrested for breaking the law which would cause a problem for the community whom would of course be outraged by this.

I personally believe that they had no just cause in terminating her employment because there was no harm to the children and she had learned her lesson which she could have used as a basis to discourage not only her students but persons in general from doing things that are illegal. I do not think that what one does in there personal lives as long as it does not in any way transfer into their professional lives should not be the basis for being deemed unfit for their profession or unprofessional in anyway.

For example if Mr. Carter was a teacher and he never did anything to harm his students or co-workers and he went to a club on a Friday night, while at this club he saw a beautiful woman but did not see her face and he walked up behind her and said something like hey beautiful you are looking fine in that dress, the woman turned around at it was a co-worker of his she gets him fired because he made a pass at her while not at work how is this right? What is this teaching the children? It tells them never to try to get a date because it could cost you your job.

This example and the story of Mrs. Petit teach children to never have a life outside of work or never get a job that is all it does the rules need to change. The difference between the two cases was that she got arrested and the other person did not. Do I think that it was consistent absolutely not? To me the courts had not taken into consideration that the board did not prove that she was an unfit teacher they just proved that she had been arrested for being an individual having fun.

She did not harm any of her students, she did not hurt any of her co-workers, she was not on school property and she did not violate the rules of her contract as a teacher unless those rules state that you can not have a life outside of work and if you are married it must be monogamous. I think that the courts should have stated that the only true reason they could fire her was because she now had a criminal record and even that should have a fine line because she again did not harm anyone not even her husband because he was there and approved.

I think that these so called morals in this country are dumb because everyone has their own mind and should be able to decide what is moral and immoral to them without having to live by a standard of anyone else. The only time I think an employer should know what is going on with an employee’s off the job conduct is when it can directly affect their job or bring harm to other people. If the person has committed a real crime such as murder, child abuse, child molestation, rape, if they are being abused themselves, or involved in other illegal dealings.

I think that it is high time society got off of their high horses and stop thinking that they can decide how the person next to them lives their lives. People need to stop worrying about what religion other people practice, who marries whom, who is eating what and worry about real issues like why are so many of our children are going to bed hungry, why our children are out here committing crimes instead of getting an education, and why there are so many people in the streets because they can not get a job.

Those are real issues and until people realize that everyone is created equal and that our forefathers came to this country to get away from all of the bull crap that was going on elsewhere society will never change it will only get worse. Things will never get better until we as a people better ourselves.

No one should be ridiculed for not being as smart as another, for not eating like someone else, for not having the same religion as another, for not being attracted to the sex you think they should be attracted to, or for having an open marriage we were given these minds to think for ourselves not to think like everyone else. The world is not black and white it is a rainbow made up of browns, reds, greens, yellows and every other color so I think everyone should be free to do like my religions states “harm none, and do what ye will” meaning do what you want as long as you do not harm anyone else.

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