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Unhealthy Diet

“Discuss the social and individual factors leading to unhealthy diet, its effects and some possible solutions for this problem” There are more and more people having unhealthy diet while there are also more and more issues about our body appearance. In this essay, I want to discuss these phenomena, its influences in our lives and give some suggestions as well. Regarding the reason why unhealthy diet has become popular, there are several to consider.

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First of all, a lot of girls want to be hinder because they think that thin is beautiful so they eat a bit at any time. For this reason, these people can’t get enough nutrition and vitamins even reduce resistance of their bodies to illness. Another reason for unhealthy diet is pressure in our society becoming higher; therefore people are becoming busier so they don’t have enough time to have normal meals. They must have meals as fast as possible thus they choose to eat fast food. Both of personal and society factors lead this phenomenon.

As is well-known that unhealthy diet leads to a lot of problems in people’s life. As I stated above, people who have unhealthy diets can’t get enough nutrition, vitamin even reduce resistance of our bodies. ‘In addition, unhealthy diets also often contain too many calories so unhealthy diets have negative influences. Firstly, obesity is one of the most immediate results of an unhealthy diet. ‘(Holly C 2010) Secondly, an unhealthy diet will not include the necessary vitamins and minerals required for the maintenance of your immune system.

For this reason, people will get illness easily. Even if there are more and more problems about unhealthy diet, we can change this status in the future. For example, newspapers should show people what healthy diet is and how dangerous this diet is. Government appeal healthy fast food to replace the traditional one. We must have balanced diet so that we can have healthy body in our lives In conclusion, we should remove unhealthy diet in our life and prevent something similar as it in the future. BAL Anthony