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Unbalanced work

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The cause of the problem in my department is the unbalanced work load between two secretaries, Jack Snyder, who is providing support to two executive members, Ralph Alane & Jessica Hilo, and Ruth Disselkoen who is providing support to other two executive members, Samuel Daley & Frank Daley. During the long time medical leave of Jessica Hilo, 37% of the work load has been handled by a full time administrative assistant and Jack for the total 80 hours of the week, whereas 63% of the work load has been handled by a part time administrative assistant and Ruth for the total 55 hours of the week. This imbalance in work environment creates stress for Ruth who can’t perform her work perfect, at the same time, makes Jack lazy and irregular.

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Unbalanced work

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. On the other hand, Jack has enough time to finish his work on time with quality without any stress. This may create friction in the department and so overall quality of the work will go down. In order to solve the issue and make the department efficient, I am very much convinced that an immediate action is required. I would like to discuss this issue with two secretaries. The aim would be to convince both of them that team work is more important than an individual responsibility. Since this is a new approach to handle the situation, initially, I will assign the work. The current practice of work assignment will be changed and the work will be considered as a department work rather than individual. The same will be conveyed to the executive members

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