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Which is the correct symbol for the stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed in a specified configuration? C) VS. Longitudinal dynamic instability in an airplane can be Identified by B) pitch oscillations becoming progressively steeper True course measurements on a Sectional Aeronautical Chart should be made at a meridian near the midpoint of the course because thee C) angles formed by lines of longitude and the course line vary from point to point. Regulations which refer to "operate" relate to that person who C) causes the aircraft to be used or authorizes Its use

To act as pilot In command of an aircraft operated under 14 CUFF part 91, a commercial pilot must have satisfactorily accomplished a flight review or completed a proficiency check within the preceding C) 24 months Each required flight crewmen is required to keep his or her shoulder harness fastened A) during takeoff and landing, unless he or she is unable to perform required duties To increase the rate of turn and at the same time decrease the radius, a pilot should A) increase the bank and decrease airspeed. Dashed lines on a Surface Analysis Chart, if depicted, indicate that the pressure gradient is B) weak.

One of the most dangerous features of mountain waves is the turbulent areas in and C) below rotor clouds. Weather Advisory Broadcasts, including Severe Weather Forecast Alerts (AWE), Convective Signets, and Signets, are provided by C) Arts on all frequencies, except emergency, when any part of the area described Is within 150 miles of the airspace under their Jurisdiction. Which Is the best technique for maligning the wing-load factor when flying In severe turbulence? C) Set power and trim to obtain an airspeed at or below maneuvering speed, maintain wings level, and accept variations of airspeed and altitude.

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The reason for variations in geometric pitch (twisting) along a propeller blade is that flight. What does good cockpit stress management begin with? A) Good life stress management The conditions most favorable to wave formation over mountainous areas are a layer of C) stable air at mountaintop altitude and a wind of at least 20 knots blowing across the ridge.

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