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Training audit

Essay Topic:

Training Needs Identification: Does the organization have and regularly use a systematic, ongoing training needs assessment process, using either a task analysis or a strategic needs assessment method, to Identify specific knowledge, skills, attitudes, and/or behaviors needing Improvement? Yes: After the training Is complete the trainer then gives each trainee an evaluation and asks for them to return in within a week so that they can gain feedback that has been thought about and eased.

This also gives them a chance to use the training on the job to see how it goes when you apply the training. 2.

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Interactive Training: Does training engage the adult learner interactively, whether in an instructor-led classroom environment, self-paced, or blended training delivery, so that knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavioral change has a greater opportunity to occur?

Yes: The training takes place in a classroom whit a trainer that teaches with examples that apply to the lesson as well as activities. These help the trainee to understand what they to know and in some ways see how o apply In within their Job before they are In the position to do so. These examples and actively are eased when the feedback from trainees come In. This helps the trainer to keep the classes understood without confusion later. 3.

Qualified Trainers and Content Providers: Whether performed by In-house training staff, internal subject matter experts, or external content providers and/or trainers, has a training professional reviewed and approved the qualifications and training materials of all providers to ensure that they will produce a high quality training experience? Yes: The trainer met with focus groups, met with supervisors, observed, and met with other HARD directors while to do the research for this training class. After the research she met with a committee to review and asses the design and delivery.

This helps bring in many ideas and different viewpoints to see what may make it better before it Is implemented. She then met with vendors to help make the final changes to the training. The managers are required to attend the first session so that they are able to learn and support the trainee as well. 4. Demonstrated Management Support: Is management clearly committed to supporting the training effort? Is there clear evidence that reinforces this assumption? Yes: The managers are to attend the first training session so that they may support the trainee and help them through not only the trainee but to help and show the trainee the support.

This helps them to learn what how a manger supports their employees. 5. Evaluation Processes: Are evaluation processes in place and consistently used? Is action taken once evaluation data is collected and analyzed? Yes: Each trainee is to fill out an evaluation and return it within a week of the completion of the training. This gives the trainee efficiently amount of time to fill it out accurately. When it Is returned then the trainer reads what was written and asses once again. This information gives them the chance to change the things that needs Improvement and to know what Is being obtained correctly.

This will Improve the training and bring updates as they are needed. 6. Training Database: Does a training database track targeted and actual employee participation in training programs and other vital training information? Are training professionals, and managers? No: This training does not track the participation of the trainees, however they do have sessions after the training to gather information from the managers. The trainer also monitors the trainees as the training happens. There are reports that are generated with the evaluation that the trainees fill out and the sessions with the managers after the training.

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