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Essay On Training And Development

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This is because they have to strive hard to attract and maintain customers. This can be done through producing quality goods and services. Innovation, global expansion and strategic human resource are some of the strategies currently employed by firms (Steele, 2009). Nonetheless, small businesses focus on how to produce quality goods and services through the available employees. To small businesses, human resource is considered as one of the most critical determinants of profitability. As such, small firms adapt good human resource practices such as training and development, performance management, and compensation among others.

It is on this background that this paper seeks to discuss about Judder Fine Foods, a food gourmet that was developed by Kathy Judder. Judder Fine Foods is a small business that operates within the food industry (Judder Fine Foods, 2004). This paper will address key elements of training and development that can be adopted in order to improve the performance of Judder Fine Foods. Additionally, this paper will talk about potential challenges that the managers of Judder Fine Foods could face while addressing organizational performance. Moreover, this paper seeks to Justify the effects of detecting organizational gaps in small businesses.

Lastly, this paper will talk about a proposed competitive training strategy that can be used to improve the position of Judder Fine Foods in the market at large. Key Elements of Training and Development Geared Towards Improving the Performance of Judder Fine Foods. Judder Fine Foods, a food gourmet established by Kathy Judder provides different types of food and wines to its customers. It has a mission of providing its customers with the finest selection of the best wines and foods so as to realize its culinary vision (Judder Fine Foods, 2004). Judder Fie Foods is a small business managed by a small management team led by Kathy Judder.

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Nonetheless, it seeks to open up more stores both in California where it is located and outside California. Judder Fine Foods has nineteen Job description groups (Judder Fine Foods, 2004). The number of employees at Judder Fine Foods is about fifty. Operating in the food industry is quite challenging. This is due to immense competition from other firms. As such, there is a need to maintain a well-informed group AT employees won wall not only prepare good scenes, out also offer equal services to customers. Maintaining a group of well-informed employees can be achieved through continuous training and development (Blanchard & Thacker, 007).

This will increase employees ' knowledge and skills at large. Training and development refers to the process of acquiring skills and knowledge that can enable one to perform his or her duties better (Blanchard ; Thacker, 2007). There are various elements of training and development which are geared towards improving the performance of an entity. At Judder Fine Foods, training and development is conducted by the human resource department. The human resource department conducts training and development at various levels including on the Job training, employee orientation, and employee coaching.

At Judder Fine Foods, the key elements f training and development that can be pointed out include training and development strategic plan, training needs analysis, employment training cost, means of preparing trainers, and means of measuring the effectiveness of training and development. As such, the first step that should be undertaken at Judder Fine Foods is to design a training and development strategic plan. This will ensure the adoption of a strategic approach towards instilling knowledge and skills to the employees.

Secondly, there is a need to conduct a training needs analysis (Blanchard ; Thacker, 2007). This can be conducted through administering of questionnaire' o employees who will point out areas in which they require training. Thirdly, the cost of training and developing employees should be considered (Steele, 2009). This is essential since a firm cannot invest beyond its means. Fourthly, there is a need to prepare trainers adequately. This can be done through providing necessary materials and informing trainers of the desired goals and objectives. Lastly, an evaluation system should be developed (Rae, 2007).

This will help in measuring the effectiveness of training and development on performance management. Challenges that Managers of Judder Fine Foods Could Face in Addressing Organizational Performance Add organizational performance involves a number of things including training and development, and adopting new practices such as modern technology. Managers face various challenges while addressing organizational challenges. For instance, Judder Fine Foods ' managers may face various challenges while addressing organizational performance through employee training and development.

Firstly, lack of adequate resources in terms of funds can be a potential challenge (Blanchard ; Thacker, 2007). Training and development require funds that will be used to pay trainers and buy training materials. Lack of adequate funds is a great challenge to small business owners and managers. Secondly, lack of adequate time to address organizational performance (Rae, 2007). For instance, in the case of Judder Fine Foods, there are few employees who operate within a busy schedule. Conducting trainings imply closure of the business which will in turn lead to loss of revenues.

Thirdly, resistance from employees is also a potential source of challenge while addressing organizational performance. Employees may not be willing to take part in various activities designed to enhance organizational performance. This can be due o a myriad of factors such as fear of the unknown, ineffective communication, and lack of motivation to take part in training and development (Rae, 2007). Generally, people resist changes. As such, there is a need to communicate effectively to employees Ana Intern teen AT ten need to accept changes. I Nils can De cone through meetings and memos.

Fourthly, lack of skilled manpower poses a challenge to managers who seek to address organizational performance (Rae, 2007). Justification of the effects of detecting organizational gaps in small businesses Identifying organizational gaps in small businesses is essential as it facilitates establishment and enforcement of relevant policies. Organizational gaps should be identified in order to determine the correct measures that can be undertaken. Organizational gaps may include lack of adequate manpower, lack of motivation among employees, and unskilled employees (Blanchard ; Thacker, 2007).

These factors can lead to poor organizational performance. As such, it is essential to identify the existing organizational gaps so as to take corrective measures. The effects of identifying organizational gaps also enhance good planning (Steele, 2009). Managers need to plan effectively in order to achieve positive results. Competitive Training Strategy Proposal for Judder Fine Foods Strategies are plans that are developed and enforced with an aim of placing an entity at a competitive edge within the market. Traditionally, the human resource department was mandated with the administrative duties (Steele, 2009).

Nonetheless, adoption of strategic human resource management has led to the shift of focus to organizational performance issues (Steele, 2009). There are various training strategies that can be adopted by an organization. However, as a consultant, I would advise Judder Fine Foods to adopt organizational development as a competitive training strategy in order to achieve its ' mission and vision. Organizational development is all about designing and enforcing desired changes (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). Organizational development is a key ingredient to ensuring employees ' effectiveness and productivity.

This is turn leads to improved performance within the organization. Organizational performance entails eight steps (Blanchard ; Thacker, 2007). First and foremost, there is a need to establish the need to change. For instance, in Judder Fine Foods, there is a need to change through improved human resources. This is because Judder Fine Foods faces stiff competition from other food gourmets. Secondly, in ensuring organizational development, one needs to set objectives and goals to be achieved. Thirdly, one should carry out a SOOT analysis.

For instance, Judder Fine Foods has a small management team which oversees the business activities. There is a significant need to offer continuous training and development in order to promote a smooth transition. The other steps in organizational development include evaluating other approaches which can be used to address the existing problem, selecting the best approach, implementation, and evaluation. Adopting organizational development as a competitive training strategy will enable Judder Fine Foods to analyses the impact of employee positive contribution towards the firms' productivity.

Judder Fine Foods should include various training activities while deigning the training proposal. These activities can include coaching, appreciative inquiry, action learning, and fifth discipline model (Steele, 2009). Fifth discipline model is comprises of personal mastery, team learning, mental models, and sharing visions. Fifth discipline model can form part of training activities as it enhances mastery of new concepts (Rae, 007). Further, it makes one to view the bigger picture of any action he or she undertakes. On the other hand, appreciative inquiry focuses on the strengths of employees.

I Norton appreciative Inquiry, an employee Is addle to realize Nils or near potential and work towards improving them (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). Additionally, action learning can be set as an agenda of training activities. Through action learning, employees are made to work together and reflect on their actions. It is through this process that one is able to acquire skills and knowledge in tackling real life issues. The rationale behind the training strategy to be adopted by Judder Fine Foods is the fact that employees will be able to acquire more skills and knowledge which will in turn increase the firm 's profitability.

This can be measured through the return on investment. Once the employees become more knowledgeable, they will be able to prepare better dishes and offer quality services to customers. Moreover, the strategies discussed above are less costly in terms of time and money. Conclusion Increased globalization has led to increased competition. Small businesses have not been spared as they face immense competition from big established firms. Small businesses need to focus on the human resource training and development in order to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Nonetheless, managers of small businesses are bound to be faced by challenges such as lack of adequate funds, lack of time, and resistance from employees while addressing organizational performance. Judder Fine Foods can adopt organizational development as a competitive training strategy. Organizational development is a key ingredient to ensuring employees ' effectiveness and productivity. References Blanchard, N. P. , & Thacker, J. W. (2007). Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, ND Practices (3, illustrated De. ). Upper saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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