To Kill a Mockingbird Letter Essay

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June 20, 1935 Mr B. B Underwood chief editor Maycomb tribune newspaper Po Box Maycomb USA Nst290 Dear Mr B. B Underwood, I strongly believe that Tom Robinson was not guilty of the crime and the sentence was untrue and unjust. I am appalled to hear that he was guilty of raping Mayella Ewell when there was no substantial or even any evidence against Tom Robinson. I was at the trial of Tom Robinson and noticed many substantial faults in Mayella Ewell’s story as she proposed in the court.

I watched as Atticus examined her testimony and asked why she didn’t put up a better fight and why her screams didn’t bring the many other children in the Ewell’s house running. Additionally, all the physical evidence is against the Ewell’s claims because Mayella’s bruises are on the right side of her face and Tom Robinson can’t use his left arm due to an accident where his hand was torn apart by a cotton gin when he was a boy. Mayella and Bob Ewell are both very obnoxious during the trail and in my opinion don’t seem very trustworthy.

Mr Ewell did not called a doctor after learning of Mayella’s injuries. If Tom Robinson had committed the crime, Mr Ewell’s first instinct would to get his daughter checked out. i hope you agree this would be the normal approach of a father concerned about his daughter. Tom’s side of the story is much more just. As I listened to Tom he explained that he always did chores for the Ewell’s and one day Mayella asked him to lift a box down from a dresser. When Tom climbed on a chair, she grabbed his legs, scaring him so much that he jumped down.

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She then hugged him around the waist and asked him to kiss her. As she struggled, her father, Bob Ewell, appeared at the window, calling Mayella a whore and threatening to kill her. As a result Tom then fled the house. Mr Ewell is likely to have misinterpreted the actual situation. I think Bob Ewell is more likely to have bashed or even molested his daughter than Mr Robinson . Tom is a respectable member of the Maycomb community with a steady job and is a hardworking man meanwhile Bob Ewell is often drunk, mostly unemployed and a member of Maycomb’s poorest family.

The prosecution has produced no medical evidence of the crime and has presented only the shaky testimony of two unreliable witnesses, the physical evidence suggests that Bob Ewell, not Tom Robinson, beat Mayella. I believe Mayella is lonely and unhappy. She committed the unmentionable act of lusting after a black man and then concealed her shame by accusing him of rape after being caught. I conclude again that Tom Robinson is not guilty. Mr Robinson was only named guilty because of the colour of his skin and racism on this town of Maycomb. Thank you for your time in considering my opinion.

I look forward to you publishing my point of view in the tribune I would appreciate it being published anonymously of the divide of the community. Sincerely, Henry Jenkins 19 Mille road Maycomb USA. June 20, 1935 Mr B. B Underwood chief editor Maycomb tribune newspaper Po Box Maycomb USA Nst290 Dear Mr B. B under wood I attended the court case yesterday and I decidedly believe the sentencing of Tom Robinson was ethical and just. I decisively disapprove the statements and remarks that Atticus made during the trail and feel terrible for the Ewell family in result of their daughter being raped.

Why would a good white girl like Mayella be in the slightest attracted to an older black man? We all know that black and white don’t mix. Our history and society is supported by this principle. Blacks are there to serve whites after all. They find themselves in Macomb and the rest of America generally because they are to improve the lives of the white population. I am dismayed at the fabricated story that Tom Robinson proposed to the court. The possibility of no one being home because Mayella gave his younger siblings money to go and buy ice-creams and then tries to flirt and kiss Mr Robinson is just absurd.

These events could not happen. To follow up Mr Robinson’s story, Atticus then explains how Bob Ewell beat his own daughter. I believe that this story is just a extensive ridiculous cover up for the horrific rape of Mayella Ewell. I conclude that the sentencing of Tom Robinson was appropriate and just. He deserved every bit of his of the death penalty sentence. He should be frowned upon in the Macomb community. Thank you for reading my letter of opinion. I would greatly appreciate if this letter could be published in the Macomb tribune. Sincerely, Mrs Henry Lafayette Dubose 4 Corbel road Maycomb USA

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