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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Questions

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Chapters 1-5 

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  1. Jama. respected lawyer in town _____.
  2. Simon Finch is the main “character” actor in the plays performed by the children _____.
  3. Boo Radley never brings lunch to school because his family is too poor _____.
  4. Atticus. A big sin because they are innocent; known for their sweet song _____.
  5. Jacke. only comes the first day of every school year; whole family lazy _____.
  6. Calpurnia. Atticus’s brother; he is a doctor _____.
  7. Mrs. Dubose (Doo-wah)g. Dill’s Aunt _____.
  8. Miss Rachel. Arthur _____.
  9. Dilli. Sixth-grade teacher ____.
  10. Stephanie Crawford. The setting of the book ____.
  11. Mr. Radleyk. Place where gifts are exchanged ____.
  12. Alexandra. The narrator of the story ____.
  13. Young Arthur Radley. described as “looking and smelling like a peppermint drop” ____.
  14. Charles Harris Baker. Town gossip ____.
  15. Nathan Radley. Scout ____.
  16. For Boo, From Jem & Dilip. Nanny, the housekeeper, yells at Scout a lot ____.
  17. Scout. Atticus’s sister ____.
  18. Maycomb, Alabama in 1933r. Arrested with Cunningham gang for locking Mr. Conner in outhouse ____.
  19. Miss Caroline Fishers. compared to a chameleon; makes individual cakes for the kids ____.
  20. Miss Maudie. An ancestor who settled Finch’s Landing ____.
  21. Jean Louis Finch. wishes his dad would play tackle football ____.
  22. Walter Cunningham. Boo’s older brother ____.
  23. Mr. Cunninghamw. mean neighbor who sits on his/her porch; two doors down ____.
  24. Miss Blount. owed an “entailment” to Atticus ____.
  25. Radley’s Oak Treey. A note to Boo, asking him to come out, ice cream as a reward ____.
  26. Burris Ewell. supposedly stabbed in the thigh by his son ____.
  27. To Kill A Mockingbird.


  1. Give a good explanation of what “entailment” is. Look on page 21, two paragraphs starting with, “Atticus said professional people…”
  2. METAPHOR: In reading a good book or story, we are interested in what happens, but it is equally interesting to observe HOW the story is written. Miss Maudie is called a ‘chameleon. ’ Explain what a chameleon is, then how this applies to her. Look on page 42, the paragraph starting with, “Miss Maudie hated her house…”
  3. EVALUATION THROUGH PREDICTION: Think about the two sticks of chewing gum that were put in the knothole of the tree.

Write your answer after the question in the space below:

  1. Why do you think that the outer wrapper was taken off, and the tinfoil was left on?
  2. Why do you think that there were two pieces instead of just one?
  3. Why do you think that the person chose to put gum in the knot-hole instead of something else?
  4. COMPARISON AND CONTRAST: The Cunninghams and the Ewells represent a JUXTAPOSITION (putting two things side by side) of “two kinds of poor. ” Make lists of how they are similar and how they are different.

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