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TIme Between Us Respone

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Time Between Us by Tamari Ireland Stone is about a girl (Anna), and boy (Bennett) and their extremely complicated but sweet relationship. Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet: she lives in 1 995 Chicago and he lives In 2012 San Francisco. But Bonnet's unique ability to travel through time and space brings him into Anna's life, the only reason was to Walt for his sister who got lost In 1995. Although as he runs into Anna, things get even more complicated.

He can't help but all for her and she doesn't deny. As their relationship deepens, they face the reality that time might knock Bennett back where he belongs; even as a devastating crisis throws everything they believe Into question. Although in the end Anna makes a choice which changes her past and future and thankfully she makes the right choice so Bennett gets the opportunity to stay In her life. When I opened the book I was expecting to be blown away by another bittersweet tale of love. I guess my expectations were too high because in all honesty I was disappointed. To really restated in the beginning when they wouldn't tell us the whole story and kept us guessing, and like a mystery as much as the next girl but after a while it got tiring and I Just wanted to know what was really going on. I dreaded especially the parts when Bennett kept changing his attitude towards Anna, like one time he liked her and another time he couldn't stand her, those parts really got to me and I felt like throwing the book across the room because it just kept going round and round and not getting to the point.

Of course that made sense later on because he was redoing he moment but those first few chapters were torture and it got me extremely confused at times. I also thought they should've told us more about Brooke because as soon as her purpose was fulfilled in the story (to have Bennett travel back to 1965 and run Into Anna), It seemed Like Stone was In a rush to get her out of the picture.

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I was really disappointed when she didn't even get mentioned again and when they introduced that she was missing, it had me really excited to find out the more but it didn't extend further than that and I wish it had because that mystery was killing me ND also the part when she supposedly 'returns' and travels back with Bennett to 2012. Stone Just briefly mention that she has returned and that's it. Full stop. No details of where she had been or Is she was k, because if I was knocked into a completely different decade, I'm sure I wouldn't come back the same person.

So I was pretty interested in finding out how she was but sadly Stone did not satisfy my curiosity. This novel changed my views on couples, used to think couples break up over silly things and get back together and the cycle continues, but this story made e think that it's all about choices, if Anna had chosen to spend the summer waiting for him, she would've been dies appointed, but she choose to live her life and that way she would've been happy with or without Bennett and Bennett did eventually come applies to reality as well.

Everything depends on the choices we make, for example choosing to go to university, choosing to work hard for a degree, choosing to get a good Job and choosing to be happy. So it depends on the choice you make which determines your future. Vive read similar text like this before (romance) although hat made this one different was that it introduced a fictional problem I never thought couples would have to face. I thought only certain things couples had to deal with but I never imagined time travel would be one of those things.

And I'm sure they don't have to face such things in real life but the author wrote it in such a way that it all seemed perfectly believable. Even through time travel was a huge aspect of the novel, I could easily forget that it wasn't actually a normal factor in a relationship. It was a lovely mix of delightful real life relationship problems and fictional issues that pet me hooked in because this was something new to read about, rather than the common: girl meets boy, lies, secrets, challenges, issues, they work it out in the end, live happily ever after.

This had all that but that extra fresh and exciting fictional topic which made it really compelling to read. Near the end of the book when Anna is left feeling sad and broken, (because Bennett left) she goes to her friend's music shop and listens to the songs playing in the background. I really like this part because the lyrics to the song are so exactly relatable to what Anna is feeling. Anna gets so captivated by the song and that all she hear and that use of imagery was something I found very beautifully fitting into this part of the book.

I can exactly imagine Anna sitting in an isle of the store collapsed and soaking up the music which is so relatable to here and I can feel her tears falling down as her friend fusses over her trying to figure out what's wrong. The lyrics go so well with the situation: "Take me to another place, she said Take me to another time... Take me where the whispering breezes... Can lift me up and spin me around. If I could I would, but I don't know how. I'm melting into nothing... I felt that as she heard the lyrics I could see her expressions changing as she recognized the words and as she let them take her over. Even though she didn't tell us directly she was breaking, I could imagine this scene and it explained it all perfectly. The connection to the wider world is that heartbreak is a very common side effect of love which is why it is proven 1 in 3 marriages will end in divorce. It's always complicated weather in books, movies and in reality.

It gets confusing and difficult but it's the most magical thing in one's life and Just like Anna and Bonnet's love story love is usually forbidden in one way or another. When Bennett left Anna and she was broken, I felt really bad but I could also relate to her and I'm sure millions of other girls could too because the connection that her and Bennett had was so deep and suddenly one day you wake and the realization hits you like a tsunami, that it's no more. It's all gone. Millions of people experience this and I think that Stone has done.

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