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Theories of Pyramid creation

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The Egyptian pyramid construction theories range from simply outlandish to impossible. Almost all Archaeologist and some engineers take a stab at a theory sometime during their career. None have been proven and all are simply an educated guess. No one knows how the pyramids could have been built without today's heavy machinery. It seems Impossible for any group of men to move a 2. 5 ton block from the quarry to the construction site and then manage to lift Into the alarm to stack It precisely on top of each other without machinery and surveying tools. Doesn't It?

In order to understand the size and magnitude of these pyramids, for example, the great pyramid of Gaza. This pyramid stood over oft tall and was the largest recorded structure in the world for over 3,800 years. It was made from roughly 2 be a mystery without modern day tools. Whoever built the pyramids employed a technology that far surpasses modern technology In most cases. Some say that present day engineers and architects are at such a complete loss as to how they were built and most admit they remain one of the most complex, sophisticated and receives built structures on earth.

Some say that a select group of architects and engineers are at such a loss that they have turned to alien technology as the only possible answer. Theory; aliens built the pyramids, not man. People that believe this theory often base it on the fact that Egyptians had no knowledge of math or geometry and the fact that the pyramids align precisely with the constellation Orient's Belt. "Gaza consists of two almost equally tall pyramids and a smaller one which is only 53% of the height of the other two. The belt of Orion consists of two almost animally bright stars, and one with only 50% of the brightness of the other two.

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The smallest pyramid is the one which deviates from the diagonal, as does the dimmest star. " (Mohammad, 2013) It is also impossible to explain how the pyramid of Gaza is aligned perfectly with the magnetic north pole since they had no use of a compass, especially since it had not even been vented yet. How can anyone explain how they moved such massive blocks of stone without the wheel, it also had not been vented yet. These all are interesting facts that say something out of this world helped the

Egyptians build the pyramids, but the most astonishing one was when a reputable Egyptian Archeologist, Dry Ala Shaken told an audience that there might be some truth to the theory that aliens were involved in the construction of the great pyramids of Gaza. In a statement during an interview Dry. Shaken replied to a question from Mr.. Mark Novak that implied that there may be OF technology within Its structure with the following statement "l cannot confirm or deny this, but there Is something Inside the pyramid that Is "not of this world. " Dry. Shaken has failed to elaborate on is comment which leaves all of guessing. Michael Cohen, 2010) There are two theories close In similarity that most modern scholars believe to be possible, the external ramp theory and the Internal ramp theory. The first theory, the external ramp theory, Is based on the men pulling the large stone up a ramp that would Increase In height as the pyramid did. "Historians speculate that the stones were dragged up inclined ramps made of compacted rubble bonded and made slippery theory is it is believed to be impossible for the men to pull the stones up a ramp rater than 8% grade, this would mean the ramp would have to be over a mile long.

There is not room, and there is not such a ramp on the Gaza plateau. Because the single straight ramp theory Just doesn't work many have opted for an optional ramp theory. The internal ramp theory combines both theories. It is believed that the bottom third of the pyramid had a single straight ramp that the blocks were dragged up. The internal ramp theory is based on the fact that the incline would never exceed 7%. This would be accomplished by building a ramp that wrapped the inside of the Truckee, similar to a spiral staircase.

By using this method the blocks were pulled up the bottom 1/3 straight external ramp, they were then pulled inside and pulled up an internal ramp. It is believed that the reason there is not an external ramp in existence today is because it was categorized by using its blocks to create the top the 2/3 of the structure. This theory seems to be the best possible solution on how the pyramids were built, but it still doesn't explain how it was done with such precision and accuracy, which many believe will always remain a mystery.

Theories of Pyramid creation essay

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