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The White Dog Cafe

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After careful consideration of the case, “Walking the Walk: Putting Social Responsibility into Action at the White Dog Cafe,” we believe that Judy’s main obligation is to find a qualified employee that has the same instrumental values as herself, and who can maintain the company’s philosophy of corporate social responsibility. The chapters used in this proactive social responsibility strategy are “Management’s Social and Ethical Responsibility” and “Influence, Power, and Leadership.

For White Dog Cafe to be successful and to be able to keep up with their current frantic pace they need to hire multiple managers with equal skills and values as Judy, and balance social responsibility and restaurant quality. If there comes a day that Judy is no longer able to formally lead the organization, her main responsibility is to find ethical advocates with equal management skills that will be a positive reinforcement to the White Dog Cafe, and keep the tradition of Madame Blavatsky’s spirit and commitment to others.

Judy’s high involvement within the company leaves her no time to go through the hiring process for when she decides to step down from her position. Being an altruistic manager, Judy is capable of balancing not only an abundant amount of projects and programs for the community but also a four-star restaurant. When the restaurant was first established, Judy had enforced the four-part philosophy to the company; she had made it well known to the employees and influenced the stakeholder audits of what she wanted to accomplish.

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Even though Judy was able to achieve an immense amount of tasks, it would be more efficient for the company to hire different transformational leaders for specific areas of White Dog Cafe. By promoting several employees to the manager positions, the company can be assured that they will not only thrive in the restaurant, but also in the ethical social responsibility aspect of the company. If Judy were to hire someone outside of the company, White Dog Cafe could risk losing their balance causing an iron law of responsibility.

For instance, Ben & Jerry’s and The Body Shop had been bought out by two different companies that did not support the amount of social responsibility that the original companies were known for. This could be avoided by hiring current employees for the management positions because they already understand and abide by the company’s philosophy. By whistle blowing the new managers, the employees, can reassure the existence of the White Dog Cafe’s philosophy, and make certain that the managers understand how reacting with reactive social responsibility strategies is not acceptable.

White Dog Cafe needs to promote its enlightened self-interest of community service by letting their customers know what the company is accomplishing; it will open the eyes of their clientele, and may lead to more loyal customers. Through Judy’s legitimate power, employees can promote their projects and programs by hanging wall decor of awards and pictures on their restaurant walls, descriptions on their menus, and a website explaining everything they achieve.

Customers come into the restaurant for the exquisite food, exceptional customer service, and friendly atmosphere; however, if White Dog Cafe ever had been bought out by amoral managers, the customers and employees can stand their ground with continuous reinforcement and protest any managers that don’t qualify for the legitimate position that is of importance to the company. In the long-term future, when Judy decides to step-down from her high power position, she will have promoted several managers, creating even more empowerment within the company.

By advertising all of their accomplishments and support to their community, White Dog Cafe will gain vast amounts of attention for more than just their service, attracting a wide variety of customers. The White Dog Cafe’s manager position is really stressful with all of the planning and organizing within the company; these managers need to possess emotional intelligence. We believe that with proper leadership skills, and accommodative social responsibility strategies that White Dog Cafe can prosper in Philadelphia’s community.

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