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The Bruntland Commission of the United Nations on March 20 1987 defined Sustainable Development as Development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. Sustainable Development embraces economic prosperity, societal equity and environmental unity. TheA conceptA ofA sustainableA urbanA developmentA representsA aA majorA challengeA forA authoritiess throughoutA theA contemporaryA world.A DespiteA theA rhetoricA ofA sustainableA developmentA overA the pastA twoA decennaries, A theA gapA betweenA publicA declarationsA ofA principleA andA implementationA of concreteA measuresA remainsA significantA inA mostA cities.A

TheA majorityA ofA theA worldA populationA livesA inA urbanA countries, A andA itA isA estimatedA that, A if currentA trendsA continue, A 65 % A ofA theA populationA willA beA urbanA dwellersA byA theA yearA 2025. UrbanisationA andA urbanA growthA onA thisA unprecedentedA scaleA poseA fundamentalA questionsA as toA whetherA thisA magnitudeA ofA urbanA developmentA canA beA sustained.A Consequently, A theA chase ofA sustainableA urbanA developmentA hasA emergedA asA aA majorA challengeA forA authoritiess throughoutA theA contemporaryA universe. TheA idealA worldA envisagedA atA theA RioA EarthA SummitA inA 1992A wasA oneA inA whichA theA aims ofA sustainableA developmentA wouldA beA fulfilledA atA allA levelsA ofA spatialA organisation. AgendaA 21A ofA theA SummitA focusedA particularA attentionA onA theA challengeA ofA sustainable developmentA atA theA urbanA scale.A InA 1994A theA GlobalA ForumA onA CitiesA andA Sustainable DevelopmentA consideredA 50A cities'A reportsA onA progressA beingA madeA towardsA sustainable developmentA ( MitlinA andA Satterthwaite, A 1994 ) , A andA inA 1996A theA UNA CityA SummitA ( HabitatA II ) monitoredA theA progressA ofA citiesA acrossA theA globeA onA achievingA sustainabilityA ( UNA CentreA for HumanA Settlements, A 1996 ) .

ThisA study examinesA the conceptA ofA sustainableA urbanA development of Glasgow, the issues and the manner frontward in developing a more sustainable Glasgow City and eventually, a figure of decisions are presented on the chances for sustainable urban development in Glasgow.

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Glasgow is located in the South of Scotland, the largest metropolis in Scotland with a population of 598,830. There have been many alterations in industry and metropolis planning throughout its history. Glasgow was founded in the nineteenth century. It was a good colony site because it was located near the River Clyde which was indispensable for trade and fishing. Nearby coalfields made the metropolis successful. One fifth of all the ships in the universe were built in Glasgow and it was said that Glasgow `` provided the universe with ships '' .

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( Image demoing map of Glasgow )


The aspiration of making sustainable communities has been an of import portion of the Glasgow Government 's docket over the past decennaries. There are many geological factors that led to Glasgow 's importance. One factor was that Glasgow was to a great extent resourced with Fe and coal and these are the two chief ingredients when bring forthing steel. This steel is so used for many things such as railroads ( e.g. The Clyde Tunnel, 1963 ) , p edifice ( e.g. Kingston Bridge, 1970 ) and most significantly shipbuilding. Another factor that led to the importance of Glasgow is that it is situated on the River Clyde ; a really deep and broad river. These two combined together, led to a big ship edifice industry bring forthing in Glasgow and many concerns get downing up in this sort of work.

However Glasgow shortly began to meet assorted jobs. The job in Glasgow at this clip was the life conditions. The worst portion of lodging in Glasgow was the Gorbals. They were moistnesss, smelly, infested, and mostly overcrowded and these hapless conditions led on to assorted other jobs such as: drugs, intoxicant, harlotry, hooliganism, racism, vagrancy, and hooliganism. There was besides a batch of unwellness and disease in these slums during this clip, chiefly due to the overcrowding, because things spread so rapidly from individual to individual. Another type of lodging in Glasgow was a tenement ; these were the fly-by-night side of Glasgow 's prosperity and were chiefly accommodated by people that moved into town from the state to work in the ship building industry. These were sometimes in such a hapless province they fall down while people were populating inside them ensuing in a high figure of tragic deceases. The metropolis was said to be in a province of interior metropolis decay.

Glasgow City Council 's committedness to sustainable development was i¬?rst highlighted in the model papers 'Developing the Sustainable City ' and was Glasgow 's initial part to the international Local Agenda 21 Programme. The importance of sustainability was emphasized by the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003 which sets out a responsibility on local governments to `` dispatch its responsibilities under this subdivision in a manner which contributes to the accomplishment of sustainable development '' .

The Scottish Executive later launched 'Choosing our Future ' in December 2005 as portion of the authorities 's committedness to the UK shared model for sustainable development. This scheme provides the model for a figure of the Executive 's new and emerging schemes on clime alteration, conveyance, renewable energy, energy efi¬?ciency, green occupations and biodiversity.


Glasgow disposes its waste chiefly at the Cathkin landfill site in South Lanarkshire. In order to promote waste recycling, the metropolis council has distributed about the undermentioned bin Numberss to families as at November 2009.

Blue bins ( individual belongingss ) - 110, 740

Blue bins ( flats/tenements ) - 140, 000

Brown bins for organic garden waste - 102, 800

400+ public aggregation points

25,000 violet bins distributed to individual families for a kerbside glass aggregation service ( Feb 2010 )


The metropolis program presents a metropolis broad vision for the physical development of Glasgow. This contains the proposals and policies that will act upon the planning determinations taken of the metropolis. The metropolis 's development scheme plays a cardinal function in stabilising Glasgow 's population and in developing sustainable metropolis vicinities, where the scope of services, installations and chances required by occupants on a regular footing can be assessed by bike, pes or public conveyance. As Glasgow 's old lodging stock is being replaced and bad development changes the face of our vicinities, it is of import that wider environmental and societal considerations are to the full appreciated.

Good lodging entirely is non sufficient to do the metropolis an attractive topographic point to populate in. The metropolis program 2 has strategic purposes which are people, occupations, biodiversity, waste direction, instruction, energy, substructure, heritage and the built environment, retail, etc.

Glasgow suffers one of the worst congestion jobs in Scotland, for decennaries traffic coming in and out of the metropolis has been a major issue for metropolis and conveyance contrivers. A A

The Glasgow rhythm path web presently includes over 200km of paths and is invariably being worked on to better and widen the available paths, doing Glasgow an ideal metropolis to turn over out the 'city rhythm ' undertaking. Currently rhythm trips into and out the metropolis Centre is in surplus of 5,000 per twenty-four hours and has seen an addition in cycling within the metropolis of 50 % in the last 3 years.A

Cycling is alone in its ability to supply a physical activity with wellness benefits to environmental benefits and this undertakings aims to reflect these demands, challenges and chances that the potency of cycling presents.A

The SGP purposes to potentially get down a similar undertaking to London and Dublin 's enormously successful motorcycle hire strategy. The construct called 'City Cycle ' is one of the first undertakings of its type in Scotland. The undertaking aims to supply assorted bike rental docks across the metropolis at strategic locations.


Although many sustainability issues are planetary, we relate straight to what is go oning where we live. There are several challenges which threaten advancement towards sustainable development ends. Sustainability issues have become really common in many Fieldss of economic and socio-political life that it is frequently forgotten that it needs new attacks and alterations in regulations steering human abilities, administration constructions and ways of thought. Some of the issues and a suggestion of how to get the better of them are:

Biodiversity - Polluting the air with dust, particulate affair, gases from industrial procedures and motor exhaust fumes damage human wellness, the natural environment and quality of life. So we should larn to be more witting about the environment in other non to destruct life 's resources.

Community Development - Organizations should work together with authoritiess and the communities in which they operate, along with other organisations to better the educational, cultural, economic, societal and environmental wellbeing of the community.

Conformity - Full moon demands of statute law should be met, criterions or any other signifier of understanding regulating sustainability issues such as the usage of land, air and other resources, employment jurisprudence, administration and finance.

Diversity and Opportunity - The authorities should guarantee equal chances for all in an organisation without unjust limitations or barriers. This is so that it minimizes workplace torment, improves understanding between people, and helps an organisation 'fit ' into its milieus, fiting its work force and provider mix to that of the venue.

Regeneration and reconstructing communities - Social marginalisation and poorness of people in disadvantaged countries should be addressed to construct communities as to make occupations, tackle offense, better wellness, provide a better and more low-cost lodging, educate people better, and better local milieus.

Sustainable Construction - Sustainable building is the application of sustainable development to the building industry. This should affect regeneration and besides be aftering communities should be after to cut down auto usage, utilizing energy more expeditiously, minimising mineral extraction and protection of the countryside.


Implementing sustainable development requires acknowledging the connexion among a host of actions, results and responses. Guaranting that people to the full appreciate the impact they have on the environment in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives will be the key to a sustainable hereafter.

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