The Sucess of Spain in the New World

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The Success of Spain in the New World During the sixteenth century after Christopher Columbus discovery of the new world, many European empires were attracted to the new world. Among all the empires that ruled over the new world; Spain was the most successful one. The reason for their success over the other empire was due to their ability to manipulate the economy, establishment of political system and their relation with the aboriginals and the disease they brought in the new world. It wasn’t an easy for them to settle compare to other empires but during the time they were in control of parts of the new world.

It brought them an enormous amount of wealth. The main motives of the Conquistadors were to extract resources, increase trade, spread Christianity and build a Spanish empire. After the Spanish had well settled in the New World. They immediately started trading with the mother country. The Spanish exploited lots of the goods that they received from the new world. They were extracting goods from the New World and were sending them to Spain where it was traded to other countries. The commons goods that they were trading were Silver, Spices and gold. During that time these goods were rare in Europe and had great value.

Trading these goods brought a huge amount of riches to Spain. Spain was successful to make great use of the New World. They have gained a lot of money from the new world which supported them in battle and increasing its army. This will classify Spain as one of the successful leaders because they used the new world to their advantage to support them financially and the aboriginal people did not rebel against the fact that the Spanish are taking away their goods and they are not getting anything. This is because of the rules and oppression that the Spanish introduced.

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It was a great success as they were able to control the aboriginal people. During that time Spain revolved around Christianity. They were willing to do anything to save Christianity even go to war. After they established in the new world they knew that it would be an opportunity to convert the indigenous people into Christian which would increase the population of Christian throughout the new world. They wanted to take this action because during that time the protestant was just formed and they were threatened by their presence in Europe. They opposed their religion even more than their language over the indigenous tribes.

Missionaries, the army and Spanish citizens used to destroy and stop every religious item or ritual that was not part of Catholicism. Later on to it became more all-pervading as they were burning anyone who did not wanted to convert to Christianity alive. After eliminating all of the subjects that were against conversion they were left will all Catholics. Since they were all sharing the same beliefs more or less it helped in decreasing conflicts between the indigenous and the Spanish. The missionaries were still carrying out their job by preaching to the indigenous folks to make them more knowledgeable about Christianity.

By using these following procedures they were able to implement their religion through the New World which was one of the objective to conquer the New World. The Spanish established a great political system to the New World. While they were in the process of taking over the New World they’ve used a smart political strategy to take over the country. Whenever there was a fight between two prodigious tribe the Spanish always use to ally with the stronger side and help them defeat the weaker side. By doing so they had eliminated and weakened many major tribes in the New World.

Afterward they usually turn against the tribe they allied with if they do not accept the conditions of the conquistadors, which were commonly conversion to Christianity. This process made domination of the New World easier for the Spanish because at the end they were only left with a limited number of feeble tribes or village to take over. They also used to establish new laws when they were taking over. They had put in effect a new law that the indigenous people cannot have a metal sword in their procession. By doing so they eliminated some of the threat that they might face.

Since the indigenous people were not allowed to have an effectual weapon in procession they would not be able to rebel against the Spanish as they were not in procession of any weapons that can harm the Spanish as most of the weapons that could be protential dangers were taken away from them. They brought in diseases with them that soon spread through the Indian community which resulted in death of millions. It was not the intention of the Spanish to harm the Indians instead they wanted to use the Indians as labour. After this event there was a discussion in Spain about the rights of the aboriginal people.

This whole issued lead to a debate about the right of the aboriginal people and new laws were in issue for Spanish colonies in the new world. The Spanish introduced law/rules based on a constitution in the New World. Since lots of the aboriginal people died from those diseases their tribe were not strong enough to oppose the Spanish and they also needed the Spanish for their remedies for these diseases that they have never seen before. This also contributed to their success as the tribes were weaken and couldn’t confront them. Also because the aboriginals had to rely on them for medication.

This made the Spanish important figures in that society. The aboriginals were dependant on the Spanish due to the disease that they brought along with them. The disease wasn’t not the only reason why the aboriginal people were oppressed by the Spanish and didn’t do anything. The Spanish had an advance military and they’ve use a smart strategy to keep the Indian in control. They’ve allied with bigger tribe. So smaller tribe couldn’t go against their will as they were being oppressed by both the Spanish and the bigger tribes so they had to do whatever the Spanish wanted them to do.

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