The Scarlet Letter Summary: Chapters 7-11

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In these chapters, Hester visits the governor’s mansion. She wants to find out if the rumors that Pearl might be taken away from her are true. When she finally meets with the governor she begs him to not take her daughter away from her. They agree to not separate the mother and child, and Pearl seems to take a liking to the governor. Chillingworth tries to convince the governor to reopen the case of revealing who the father of Pearl is, but he refuses.

Chillingworth changed his name upon his arrival to Boston to hide his true identity, even though Hester knows his true Identity, and she was sworn to secrecy. He is known as the doctor of the town, and because the town has very little medical help, he is openly welcome. When Dimmesdale begins to have lots of chest pains, the doctor moves in with him to make sure everything is ok. Even though the minister doesn’t trust the doctor, because he has no reason for his distrust, he still does what he says.

The minister’s sickness causes him to give more powerful sermons, mostly focusing in sins. At night, he cant sleep and he begins to have visions. He has a vision of Hester pointing at her scarlet letter, and then pointing at the clergyman. The minister believes that he is jus delusional and doesn’t pay any mind to his visions. He then begins to torture himself, by whipping himself, not eating, and not sleeping. He then thinks he knows how to remedy his pain. He decides to hold a vigil, on the same scaffold where Hester had suffered her punishment years ago

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