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The rise of high

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Background Information on EX. INC The company EX. is a high-end retail chain that sells luxury watches, jewelry and handbags. The company has decided that they would like to expand their organization on a global scale. The organization wants to begin a company in China for a period of 1 year, within that year they will begin to branch out to the countries of Brazil, India, and Russia. As the company begins to work on their short-term objective Of expanding, into China and into the B. R. I.

C footprint, there will be small and large-scale changes that will occur doing the process, formulating and implementing a business plan that defines the organization structure and strategy is key to expanding the organization on a lobar scale. There will be many challenges associated when trying to navigate luxury brand items into operating environments across the B. R. I. C to capitalize on the growing wealth and booming middle class. It is speculated that by the year 2050, the B. R. I. C would be wealthier than most of the current economic powers in the world. The B. R. I.

C represents more than 40 percent of the world's population. According to investigated "China and India will become the world's dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services, respectively, while Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as appliers of raw materials. Due to lower labor and production costs, many companies also cite BRICE as a source of foreign expansion opportunity" Move. investigated. Com). Globalization has expanded and accelerated the exchange of many goods and services over vast distances. The recent pace of global integration within the B.

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R. I. C has dramatically increased, with changes occurring in technology, communication and transportation, these process have made businesses more interdependent than ever. Weiss states "In an increasingly globalizes world, in which change comes at an ever-faster rate, a DOD business must always have a set of short-term as well as long term goals and a detailed strategy for how to reach those goals". (Weiss, 2012). With the economic growth process occurring through globalization, EX. Inc. Has decided to expand their high-end luxury brand stores globally.

As the senior executive representative for EX. Inc. , have been put in charge of the company's first international expansion. It will be my responsibility to decide what organizational changes will take place. As the leader of this expansion, I need to use an appropriate change model that will find ways to improve and expand the organization. The choice Of expanding on a global scale can increase profit; bonus can be offer to future and current employees, and new partnerships are formed that bring new clientele into the EX. organization.

China is a great choice for EX. Inc. Global expansion, china is the second largest country in the world, they have about 1. 3 billion people who live and work in a economy where high-end luxury items are wanted and produce there daily. China is the hub for imported and exported goods, nothing moves into Brazil, Russia or India without coming through China first. The readerships made in China will have a long term affect on future expansion into the B. R. I . C. Knowing upfront the economic advantages in China will give EX. Inc. He competitive advantages that is needed to move forward in the global growing market. As the company begins to work on their short-term objective of expanding into China there will be small and large-scale changes that will occur doing the process, formulating and implementing a business plan that defines your organization structure and strategy is key to expanding the organization on a global scale. Implementing and planning the organization expansion is a lot of responsibility for the persons who have to implement the plan and for the managers and team members who has to enforce the plan.

There are three types of changes that happen at the organizational level, the first change is developmental change, this involves an improvement of what already exist. The second change is the transitional change, consists of an "implementation to achieve a known desired stats that is different from the existing 2012). The last change is transformational change, which involves the emergence of anew, unknown state for the organization. The moved to China is transformational change. Making the transformational shift from the IIS to China will be hard if the proper planning and guidance is not clear.

Five Dimension Change model gives the organization a forced guideline to use to stay on track and time with the planned move. This change model provides distinct implementation phases that help the leaders, managers and team members move to their desired destinations. There are a total Of five steps that will ensure that EX. will accomplish there assigned tasks, an take care of there managers and employees in the process. Motivating Change: preparing to lead the change, s the senior executive of this organization it is my responsibility to ensure that prepare this organization for change on a global and international platform.

My company leaders want to partner up with four of the largest countries in the world to become globally competitive. Am being asked to lead immediate change. I must prepare by learning the reality of the situation in B. R. I. C, studying the facts, numbers and details, will need to prepare a case while identifying if I have the right skill sets within my organization to lead the change. I must motivate change by creating readiness and overcoming the resistance for change. Step 2: Creating Vision,- the organization overall vision is to have stores open throughout the B.

R. I. C. , to achieve this process, the team will kick at past, present and future conditions. There is no success in business without a vision or a plan. "A business plan lays out your company's goals so that everyone involved can keep focused in the same direction. A strategic plan takes this process a step further by giving every division and employee in your company a step-by-step procedure for obtaining the goals set forth in your business plan. Keeping employees focused on the plan means communication and involvement.

Every employee will implement your strategic plan as long as he knows his role and can monitor his progress as well as the progress of the company'. (www. Smelliness's. Chronic. Com) Step 3:Developing Political Support- an organization must have political support through transformation process. Step 4: Managing the Transition-according to Weiss 'intervention must be designed and implemented in both motivating and managing the transition". An organization can't be afraid of large-scale changes, leaders must know hat is needed within the organization to move towards the company vision.

Step 5: Sustaining Momentum: while change and transformation are happening within the organization, leaders are often busy with many projects and are preoccupied with many task, this step allows employees to be engaged and involved with moving towards the organization goals. Open communication between leaders and employees are very important in this last and final stage, providing feedback on concerns, ideas plans goals and performance is important that all see and understand the planned vision of he organization. Used the Five Deem change model for my short and long term change model. Just go through the same process of leading my team Short Term Change Model: Dungy and State's Four Levels Of Change Model The Dungy and State's Four Levels of Change Model, will guide EX. Inc to the transformation that is needed to move the company to China, this change model will help them in 4 different levels achieve there expansion goals internationally. There are specific 4 levels that can occur in an organization. The first level: Fine Tuning, this change involves and ongoing process of itching and fitting an organization strategy, structure, and processes with the environment.

This is the level where a strategic plan is laid out at the beginning of the move, every person within this process will be given a step- by-step procedure for obtaining goals sat forth in the organization strategic plan. Leaders and manager will play a very important role of keeping employees on track for the mission at hand. The ultimate responsibility of carrying out the goals set by all falls back on leaders and mangers when the task aren't completed to standard or on time.

Level 2- Incremental adjustment: this change model predicts changes that evolve slowly and systematically at a constant rate over time within the organization to fit the external environment. Slightly larger than fine tuning, incremental adjustment to the organization can include correcting faulty processes, changing business emphasis, reallocating staff and so on. "This takes more work and has a greater risk of going wrong and So is more likely to use local improvement projects, where people take time out of their day work to engage in study of the situation and design of appropriate solutions.

Companies that do this often have internal facilitators who are trained up in the methods of improvement and techniques of facilitating nappy, D. And State, D. (1993). Level 3-Modular transformation. Organizational change is radical in this type of change, but it is focused on subparts rather than on the entire organization; for example, restructuring departments or divisions; changes in key executives' and managers' responsibilities; introducing new processes in IT, human resources, or a business process. This type of change is related to transitional change. Weiss, 201 2) Beyond incremental improvement is 'Business Process Reengineering', or BPR, where the principle is that where incremental changes have limited effect, significant improvements may be achieved by forgetting how the process is enacted at the present and starting with a clean drawing board. Such 'clean slate' approaches both liberate the designer to entirely re-think how things are done and also give the opportunity for significant failure. A common failure in such projects is where a process gets automated but the software does not behave as well as intended. Level 4 - Corporate transformation.

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