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The way people move from one location to another can be hard to satisfy their schedules, either because of congestion or the delay of the taxi that maybe far away. The ride-sharing is the current solution to overcome the problems caused by traditional transportation with the prime goal of splitting and reducing costs.

The ride-sharing is concept where driver and passenger share the same destination. This project proposes (On my way) an android application to help improve one's mobility through sharing economy concept. This alternative will be a good way to save money, protect environment and quickly reach your destination. We will use ride-sharing Smartphone application, GPS and database system.


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Despite the big revolution on car sharing services offering to people transportation from one place to another in their daily routine, reducing costs and traveling time. But, many areas doesn't have enough transportation networks, meaning that either they have a very low supply, having no public transportation at all in a certain time window, or the available options are too expensive.

Certainly traditional ride-sourcing app like uber , careem are offering to people transportation from one place to another in their daily routine. At these traditional businesses, passenger have to go to the same destination every day, that mean that passenger have to meet up every day different driver going to the same location, wasting fuel, time, money and increase traffic congestion.

Consequently, people (student, employee, etc.) does not know when which colleague is working at the same place, which impedes carpooling. In that subject, our idea came with a sharing economy concept to save us all from the horrors of pricey cab rides.


The objective of the project is to present a mobile application which provides a communication system between car owners and passengers.

Objectives will be as:

Design and develop an application server and a mobile application for users to access the ride-sharing service through their smartphones Design and implement a database that will communicate with our mobile applications to a ensure all features Provide some features like geo-localization, trip sharing requests, etc.

The project will be treated by Waterfall Model. Waterfall Model is Cascade pattern which can be listed below consecutively.
clarified requirements, systems and software design, implementation and unit tests, Integration and test of the system, Documentation and maintenance.

Expected Benefits

  • Reduce the ride costs both for driver and passengers.
  • Passengers will be able to find for a ride, suitable to their situation.
  • When reducing the number of cars on the road, our system will decrease pollution and the need for parking space and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).
  • Avoiding lonely trips will make the ride more conform and less driving stress

As the mobility sector continuously supports the authorities in the organization of public transport and mobility in urban and rural areas, it is familiar with topics such as congestion reduction and carbon footprint. From this perspective, sharing economy concept will be the solution to reduce the number of single-person trips by car. In that field, a shared ride can simply be used to integrate with colleagues and discuss social subjects

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