The Ride I Will Never Forget

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The ride I will never forget . waking up on sunny day where sun shined bright in my face, I thought to myself, it is time to wake up. It was the middle of the summer somewhere at the end of July. It was not an ordinary day for me. I spent the night at my friends house because the night before we went down town to spend time with our friend's. That night, we shared alcoholic beverages which made the night a little more relaxed. When it was time to go home I realized that I could not drive.

I asked my friend to drive us home, but I could never have known that this ride would be unforgettable. My friend suggested that we stay at his house. " And I agreed. To show my appreciation I offered buy him sushi for lunch so we took my mom's car to the restaurant. On the way, traffic, so I thought to myself if I overstep the law, I could save us some time by going the wrong way down a one - way. As I thought we were good and no one saw it, I hear sirens and see police lights flashing from a distance.

I was devastated and felt my heart crunching inside of me. During that moment I did not know what to do. I did not have a drivers license nor registration for the car, and there was a possibility that I still had alcohol in my system from the previous night out. The officer took off his helmet and got off from his motorcycle, and as he was walking towards our car I had a hundred thoughts in my mind, but none were good or helpful in figuring out a reason for my action. I looked to my friend and said," I'm in so much trouble. ' He was just staring to me with an open mouth with nothing to reply to that. As the officer came to the car, I rolled down the window, and the words coming from him were," license and registration please ! '' I had nothing to give him. He was surprised and asked, what was I doing in car with no license and registration. I explained the situation and how I got in this trouble, to which he replied that he may have take the car and, I would not be able to get a license for two years.

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My friend's license would be taken away too, as well as we would both be fined . In that moment I was just shaking and desperate for a chance. I had one last I idea in my mind which was to bribe the officer. I looked up to him and asked if he would like to eat lunch. He thought for few seconds, and replied ," how much are we talking about ?" So we agreed that he would follow me to my home, where I would give him the money. At that moment I felt as if a mountain had fallen off of my back. I was relieved and thankful that it all went the way I wished.

When I went to give the officer the money, and he sad," it's alright, I don't need it ,'' and said that I could keep it ! I was so thankful that he was so generous I just put the money in his folder and thanked him. The officer took off and I went in the house with my friend. I fell in the chair and laid there for ten minutes. I could not believe that everything was alright. I looked up to my friend and told him," let's order sushi ! " This story made me realize how careful I need to be and to never try something like that again.

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